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With the news of an impending investigative report about the crime infested CBI program, efforts by the DLP lackeys are already in motion to spin the narrative away from the rampant malfeasant in the CBI program to one that would focus on labeling those of us condemning the corruption as enemies of the state.

Unless you are one of those flying monkeys Al “Weng Weng” Benoit,  Paul “Eat His Own” Alexander, Peter “Crave Em Young” Prospere or the Shining Zandoli, don’t fall for the diversionary tactics. It is the fraudulent and reckless due diligence practices, the venality, the greed, the personal profiteering by ignoble politicians and CBI passport dealers that is destroying the image of our country. Believe your eyes not their lying tongues.

As he has done in the past, PM Skerrit will again attempt to equate a Dominican who committed a crime after getting a US Green card to the many criminals buying our passports as a means to facilitate their criminal agenda. Someone should ask PM Skerrit-How many Dominicans get Green Cards just to be able to launder money and evade taxes? Not any that the US government is concerned about for sure.

We know for a fact that there were instances when PM Skerrit himself intervened to ensure that two known international criminals would receive Dominica passports after due diligence reports said otherwise. Skerrit personally walked down a passport for Alireza Monfared and his son and later traded a Diplomatic passport with Monfared for cash and election campaign financing. Monfared had been wanted by Interpol while being sheltered by the Skerrit government administration.

In our very first expose on the serial Ponzi scheme operator Pedro Forte, we reported that Pedro Forte had first been assigned to lawyer Kondwani Williams until Pedro Forte’s due diligence report return with calls, flashing red lights and sirens. Just Imagine Kondwani Williams, yes wee Kondwani Williams, he decided that Pedro Forte was too hot to handle, and PM Skerrit intervened, called the present chairman of the electoral commission Duncan Stowe and summoned him to accommodate and “take care” of Pedro Forte’s problems. Pedro Forte had been charged and convicted for financial crimes in a Florida court.

 We dare Duncan Stowe to deny this report and anyone brave enough can ask slippery Kondwani Williams if he "pwen Kowir" from Pedro Forte      

We also know for a fact that CBI/Passport selling agents are even now confessing that PM Skerrit and the government CBI division had adopted a sort of “Koupé tet, boulé kay” -no applicants denied approach. With this reckless passport selling program it is no wonder Dominica passports are showing up in criminal investigations all over the world. 

Wait till we hear how Dominica passports are being used by Iranians to facilitate terrorist financing through the corrupt La Liga football league in Europe. Since 2013 La Liga premier football league has been ranked the top league in Europe with top teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Valencia etc. La Liga has been plagued by alleged corruption. Stay tuned -More to come that will blow your minds.

Are the people of Dominica aware of the fact that within the last 3 weeks the little island of Dominica had been trending in Singapore? Even more so among the Singapore parliamentarians in Parliament. It all began after an August 14 Island wide raid in Singapore and ten wealthy Chinese about five of them carrying passports from Dominica, one with a passport from St Kitts, Vanuatu, Cyprus and Cambodia they were arrested and charged with financial crime and money laundering.  At least 12 other individuals some suspected of having similar passports are on the run and wanted by Singapore Law enforcement. The preceding investigation resulted with the seizure of over $2.4 Billion in assets. The assets confiscated includes cash, cryptocurrency, real estate properties, luxury cars and $1.3 Billion in bank accounts.

Since the arrest Banks in Singapore are stepping up Anti money laundering measures and shutting down accounts. Parliamentarians have been in parliament creating measures to deal with countries like Dominica, Vanuatu, Cyprus that are selling passports to unscrupulous characters all over the world.

We want to ask the passport queen Patricia Mills from Portsmouth- Did you sell these Chinese criminals those passports sans due diligence-

A Suspected Scum Bag with DA CBI passport uncovered in Dubai. 

MiTC is also following yet another case involving an unscrupulous Dominica CBI passport holder who is suspected of scamming hardworking small business owners in Africa. The gentleman operates out of Dubai and we have all of his information to include his Dominica passport and we will release more details within the next 48 hours.

It is said that the “secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is keeping people ignorant.” So when PM Skerrit and his band of sophists keep repeating the spurious claim that it is the people calling for the sanitization of the CBI program that are causing harm to Dominica, those among us who know better it is also the conscientious stupidity that tyrants thrive on and to the people of faith- Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.

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