Sunday, October 11, 2015

PM loves Asia, Asia loves PM

So, I'm reading business news, and what do I come across?

It seems like Asians can't get enough of PM, his association with Ng Lap Seng has ensured that., an Asian Business Newspaper, has the story of the arrest of Lap Seng. What I find noteworthy is that the paper, before even mentioning who was arrested in the US on this probe by the FBI and the Manhattan US Attorney, makes a note of mentioning that the conference in Macau was attended by about 200 delegates from 50 countries worldwide.

John Ashe, Francis Lorenzo, PM, Ng Lap Seng

But what is striking about that is this; out of all these people that were in attendance, why does the paper, Nikkei Asia, make special mention of the prime minister of Dominica? Why the special attention to our PM? Do the writers of the article, Zach Coleman (the paper's deputy editor) and staff writer Jennifer Lo, know something that we don't?

Smells fishy. Take a look for yourself.

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