Sunday, October 11, 2015

Shit Happens

Heyyyyyy, it's me, your girl Lizzy, fizzy Lizzy, and I trying a new ting; I'm blogging.

Yes I am. I'm new to this, okay? So take it easy with me. All I know is that a friend asked me whether I wanted to blog, and I immediately asked if I was going to get paid, only to be told its free. I was like "hell no, I already work for Skerrit for free, how am I going to survive". But then I thought about it; this was too important, I love my country, and I simply must let them know what I'm thinking. So here I am, blogging, from the north-east coast, in the lovely village of.....hahaha you didn't really think I was going to say, right? You want them to tell me doh come work again, and that my job has been made redundant? Mine me wi.

Anyhow, I was reading online, following this Lap Seng thing, you know how I nosy already, and I came across this link on Facebook with a video. Our lovely PM in Macao on video talking about how successful the meeting he was at had been; you know, the same meeting he didn't tell us he went to and when he came back, he still didn't tell us who he was with. But we have people who have him under watch, so is no sine.

Ng Lap Seng, PM, Francis Lorenzo, John Ashe, (Vince Henderson in background also) 

So when the PM declare the meeting a success, I myself say "for who"? He never bring anything back for us so if he think it was successful, did he bring something back for himself? And if so, what? I don't know what you all think but I find it strange that the PM not talking about how successful he was. This man like to boast, but he not boasting? Why?

Now his three friends who he was spending so much time with in Macao are now in US government calaboose. I asking myself, what happening there? PM moumou, America pick up his pardners, PM looking like he forgetting about that whole idea about hectic travel schedule to get money for us, what is it PM know that we don't know yet?

One thing I know is that the American government don't play. PM can mamaguy Dominicans how he want, but Uncle Sam will good for him. I not scared for my Uncle in the North.

I heard someone in Q say this past week that PM should get something for when the diarrhea start, I think that's a good idea. PM you on di case ner? Bulls Eye have tablets for that.

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