Monday, December 14, 2015

Are We a Kleptocracy?

Did Roosevelt Skerrit strike a Faustian bargain with England by pushing, in defiance of his fellow Caribbean people and spitting in the face of Caribbean unity, English Baroness Patricia Scotland for the position of Commonwealth Secretary General (CSG), a woman who, after having been born in Dominica in 1955, emigrated to England with her family barely two years after birth and has hardly ever looked back ever since?

PM Skerrit with Baroness Scotland
And, considering that the Queen could not help herself in her address by basically telling the Commonwealth Heads of Government gathered in Malta that she wants her son, Prince Charles, to lead the organization in the near future, is Baroness Scotland the one who's going to lay the groundwork for that to occur? And what about Scotland's stated number one priority when she assumes the office? That didn't come from the Caribbean, and she's supposed to be the representative of the Caribbean, so exactly who's agenda is she peddling? And what about Antigua's Prime Minister Gaston Browne, after having stuck his neck out to help Skerrit get elected 12 months ago, we wonder how does he feels now that Skerrit has returned the favour by biting his ass with the same set of teeth that he uses to chew on Dominicans derrières too. Interesting times in the Caribbean are ahead.

We're convinced that Skerrit may very well have made a bargain with the British. How else do you explain the betrayal of his fellow West Indians? We know that these geopolitical shenanigans that have transpired which has led to the selection of Patricia Scotland as CSG-designate do not occur as a result of happenstance; there's always something questionable going on behind closed doors, the only question is what?

We've been taking a close look at Skerrit and his activities worldwide and we've unearthed a series of some rather peculiar financial transactions over the years that appear to possess all the qualities of an operation that sought to conceal illicitly obtained finances. Our investigations are continuing and we will bring our report to you very soon, so stay tuned. In any event, these transactions we've uncovered, it is not exactly impossible to believe that the British are on to him and made him an offer he couldn't refuse; "Boss, we have the goods on you so for our silence, we want you to push the Baroness for CSG, she's Dominican by birth so she qualifies even if barely, and in the meantime, we will work on the other countries". Think that's far-fetched? Not so at all. Have you wondered why, all of a sudden, hours before the votes were to be cast, an old report resurfaced in the Daily Telegraph on Sir Ronald Sanders alleging fraud against the Antiguan government, a bogus allegation if there ever was one, since he was never accused, let alone charged, with any crime? You think it was accidental that this report surfaces right before the vote? We certainly don't think so.

In the meantime, we encourage you to stay glued to this blog; we have some big stories coming down the pike that you're surely going to want to know about.

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