Friday, January 15, 2016

A Manufacturer of Evidence

I've been reading with amusement the analyses of the supporters of the DLP administration and their pigeons like Kieron Pinard-Byrne about the outpouring of support for the political leader of the United Workers Party, Mr. Lennox Linton. These prognosticators offer up all kinds of wild excuses to buttress their arguments while seething at the fact that the poor people of Dominica rose up and tossed their last pennies into a bucket, all in an effort to assist Mr. Linton resist the abuse directed at him by the crooks and enablers of the Dominica Labour Party. I can only laugh.

Kieron Pinard-Byrne

Those Labourites are besides themselves; they are overly obsessed with what the people have done with their own monies. You would think that they should be more concerned with what Roosevelt Skerrit does with the monies that belong to the state, but that's a bridge too far for them. Their hatred for Mr. Linton is palpable; it is so evident that you can grab on to it. It is identical to the hatred that right-wing conservatives across the pond in the States have for President Obama. Where does this come from? Is it because Mr. Linton speaks truth to power? Is it because their little nest eggs, cradled in a basket of government cash at the Financial Centre and overseen by Skerrit, are in danger of being destroyed should Mr. Linton's party assume the stewardship of Dominica? I believe it is.

These people are incapable of seeing the truth even if it jumped up and scared the crap out of them and slapped them silly. They would still deny the truth. They're here celebrating KPB like he's some hero. They have chosen to ignore the fact that KPB was called a "concocter of evidence" by the same Tony Astaphan who now is riding to his rescue. It was this withering cross-examination by Tony that prompted the Commercial Court Judge of the BVI, on November 11 2009, to declare that KPB "manufactured evidence". The judge later on in his Analysis and Conclusion, went on to reject aspects of KPB's testimony. KPB is a liar, but Labourites don't care, he lies for them, so it works out.

To get a copy of the entire Court judgment, click here;


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