Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our +$100 million Layou River Hotel

We have a situation in Dominica where the crook Kieron Pinard-Byrne, after having played a critical role in the defrauding the people of Dominica of passport money in excess of $100 million, is threatening to take further legal action against Lennox Linton and other Dominicans speaking up for their rights. This bastard KPB and the Rat Tony Astaphan, a rodent who himself got a court to label KPB as "manufacturer of evidence", also known as a Damn Blasted Liar, are now foaming at the mouth because they are upset that the people of Dominica have stepped forward in the face of relentless abuse and said in no uncertain terms, that Lennox Linton stands for Dominicans, and will not let him be abused by the crook Kieron Pinard-Byrne or the rodent Tony Astaphan.

We present you the Layou River Hotel, in current form. This is the hotel the crook Pinard-Byrne fleeced of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is the hotel where over $100 million of passport money has vanished. This is the hotel that was supposed to have employed hundreds of people in the Layou and St. Joseph areas. This is what we got for all that. Take a look.

Looks like a great investment, doesn't it?

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