Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bunga Bunga Dominican Style

Leaked images from Berlusconi Bunga Bunga parties

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi may be known for a lot of things, but he's particularly famous for his "Bunga Bunga" (pronounced boong-guh boong-guh) parties. What's that you ask?

Mr. Berlusconi, a billionaire, was famous for having young women over at his villa in Sardinia for freaky parties. Although the term dates back to the 18th century, it became linked to Mr. Berlusconi in 2009 when a 17-year old Moroccan belly dancer Kharima El Mahroug, who goes by the name Ruby, exposed the parties which she attended with several other women.

Iris Beradi

Another woman Italian prosecutors indicate was a participant was Brazilian beauty pageant contestant Iris Beradi, who they believe was 17 at the time she was at one of Mr. Berlusconi's bunga bunga escapades. Mr. Berlusconi is said to have referred to the women as being part of his "harem". Bunga bunga parties are essentially private parties thrown by old men that are filled with young women who have been paid, drinking loads of liquor and engaging in whatever perversion the party hosts require.

Italian prosecutors alleged that Mr. Berlusconi relied on talent scout Lele Mora to find his party attractions. Mr. Mora is said to have recruited models, beauty pageant contestants and underaged prostitutes.

Lele Mora, at left, seen here at a Bunga Bunga party

We bring this up now because in Dominica we have our own version of Silvio Berlusconi; State College President Dr. Donald Peters. Dr. Peters, known affectionately as "The Panty Man" (why? your guess is as good as ours), is rumored to be a congenial private party host, his elderly friends being the guests of honour and young women the feature attraction. Many of the young women who have reportedly participated in these members-only bunga bunga parties have been students at the State College. 

Dr. Peters with a young student in a living room

Dr. Peters is scheduled to deliver an address to his students this week at the college's Graduation Ceremony. In light of the Pay-to-Play scandal engulfing Dominica presently, can we expect Dr. Peters to declare to his students that he has no intention of having any more bunga bunga parties at his bungalow? Can we expect Dr. Peters to deliver a lecture on the scourge of old men taking advantage of young women in our society?

It might be a stretch to expect that, but hope springs eternal. Better still, he should not be made to speak. Period!

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