Friday, March 11, 2016

Skerrit moves in on Roseau South

Jahisiah Benoit admiring his king

If you need any evidence that Roosevelt Skerrit is behind the subversion of Roseau South MP Joshua Francis look no further than his sudden decision to hand over $80,000 to the Giraudel/Eggleston village council and the promise of $1.6 million for road rehabilitation in the constituency. 

MiTC wants to alert MP Francis; sir, the United Workers Party is not now nor has the party's executive been conspiring against you. Mr. Skerrit is pulling the strings behind closed doors. Lennox Lawrence is your primary lawyer; Mr. Lawrence is one of Mr. Skerrit's personal lawyers. Kondwani Williams is one of your lawyers; Mr. Williams is one of Mr. Skerrit's hand-picked members of  the electoral commission. Connect the dots please. Why would Mr. Skerrit suddenly have money to dispense in your constituency but fail to include you in the signing over ceremony? Why was Jahisiah Benoit there instead? 

Mr. Skerrit has his eyes on the Roseau South constituency and he is evidently pulling out all the stops to ensure that Mr. Francis is sufficiently damaged in the current Pay-to-Play scandal to secure a win. He has been grooming Mr. Benoit for quite some time; who can forget images of Mr. Benoit personally delivering relief supplies to supporters of the Labour Party from the back of his vehicle?

Mr. Skerrit's aggressive moves are not limited to Roseau South. Sources indicate that Mr. Skerrit has determined that Kairi FM proprietor Frankie Bellot is volatile and is a liability and intends to sideline the radio station if possible. If Mr. Bellot was so highly regarded by Mr. Skerrit, why did he not make available to Mr. Bellot the same strings he pulled for Ian Pinard? Mr. Bellot spent almost 3 days incarcerated; Mr. Pinard, on the other hand, walked in to police headquarters after lunch with his lawyers and a magistrate ready to execute station bail, and was home for dinner. Mr. Bellot must consider this carefully. He must also know that Mr. Skerrit does not do these things in a vacuum; Anthony Astaphan is always around. Did Tony Astaphan push Roosevelt Skerrit to keep Krazy T in jail for as long as possible?

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