Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Frankie "Krazy T" Bellot detained by police

Business man Frankie "Krazy T" Bellot has been detained for questioning by Dominica police. Mr. Bellot, the proprietor of Kairi FM, surrendered to police Tuesday afternoon after learning that police were seeking to question him in regards to threats he made on the life of Q95 radio personality Matt Peltier and journalist Carlisle Jno-Baptiste.

Mr. Bellot is at the epicenter of the current Pay-to-Play sex scandal engulfing Dominica. He has been identified as a person of interest in the case. Reports are that Mr. Bellot approached Mr. Peltier and Mr. Jno-Baptiste and, in the presence of witnesses, threatened to kill the two individuals for having reported the sex scandal on Mr. Peltier's radio programme. The two journalists then proceeded to file formal complaints at police headquarters. 

Earlier that day, Mr. Jno-Baptiste and Mr. Peltier took this blog to task for having identified Mr. Bellot's alleged role in the scandal on Monday. Our sources identified Mr. Bellot and we erred in prematurely putting his name in the public domain before the case has been adjudicated. We withdrew that report on Monday night, but that did not deter Mr. Jno-Baptiste from launching a withering assault on this blog while on Mr. Peltier's morning program "The Hot Seat". After being informed by Mr. Peltier that he had just receive a text informing him that the names had been withdrawn the previous evening, Mr. Jno-Baptiste, on the suggestion of Mr. Peltier, declared rather matter-of-factly that this blog was listening to his instructions. No, Mr. Jno-Baptiste, we withdrew the names 12 hours before you declared that we were listening to your instructions. We could not have perceived that you would be giving us instructions the following day; we're sorry if you're disappointed. We can only presume that you may have been upset at the fact that this blog was able to inform the Dominican public without stringing them along for an inordinate amount of time.

Mr. Jno-Baptiste is known to hold hostage the listening public and to squeeze the last drop of milk from any little story he happens to stumble upon. He is famous for giving bits and pieces of information relating to stories that should be aired in its entirety, the end result being a public thirsty for information left hanging mid-air. Mr. Jno-Baptiste needs to understand that this is not the way we work.

Mas In The Cemetery came into existence because we felt that the media in Dominica were impotent and have compromised themselves in the manner in which they cover our politicians and leaders in society. We recognized the need to provide an effective counterweight to the state propaganda machinery and to challenge the status quo.

Insofar as it relates to this case, we believe Mr. Jno-Baptiste may be upset that we have provided information to the public concisely and expeditiously, essentially laying to waste what may have been his, and possibly Mr. Peltier's attempt at having the people of Dominica hang on his or their every word every day for as long as possible. We are not in the business of stringing people along sir; this is not a "nom beff" operation.

The criticisms notwithstanding, we stand in solidarity with Mr. Jno-Baptiste and Mr. Peltier. Mr. Bellot cannot be allowed to threaten and intimidate anyone, and we vow to our readers that we will remain independent and will provide the information we receive in a timely manner. We will check and cross-check the information provided to ensure that you get the facts and the context in which they fit. Stay tuned. 

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