Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pay-to-Play investigations continuing


The police are continuing their investigations into the Pay-to-Pay sex abuse scandal that has engulfed Dominica over the past week. The police are also proceeding with their investigations into the threats against the lives of radio personality Matt Peltier and AP correspondent Carlisle Jno-Baptiste. The threats were allegedly made by Kairi FM proprietor Frankie "Krazy T" Bellot (seen in video below), who remains under detention at police headquarters in Roseau.

In the meantime, parliamentary representative for the Soufriere Constituency Ian Pinard has resigned from the cabinet of Roosevelt Skerrit. Mr. Pinard did not resign his seat as a member of parliament. It is noteworthy that Mr. Pinard resigned "over allegations made" against him, without spelling out the allegations. Why would a minister of government resign just like that? Mr. Pinard's name has surfaced at the center of the ongoing Pay-to-Play sex scandal involving a minor. The sexual offenses act in Dominica prohibits mention of anyone's name in cases such as this. But let us say something about this here and now.

The laws of Dominica are not extraterritorial. Extraterritoriality refers to a country's ability to extend its laws beyond its borders. Dominica cannot extend it's laws beyond its physical and maritime boundaries. Mas In The Cemetery is not published within the borders of Dominica. No device used to publish any article on this blog is within the boundaries of Dominica. This blog is published in the United Kingdom and is not in any way subject to the laws of Dominica. This publication is covered and protected under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Our contributors in North America are covered under and protected by Freedom of Speech laws enshrined in their constitutions. Any attempt by individuals in Dominica to use this blog as an excuse to pervert the course of justice is specious and should be rejected outright. We will vehemently reject any such attempt. We reserve our right to identify anyone who we credibly believe is implicated in the commission or facilitation of any crime. We will exercise judgment where necessary but Dominicans should be under no illusions; we will identify the criminals in our society. If you do not want to be identified, do not do the crime.

Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit's Labour Party government now faces an existential threat to its survival. On the eve of pending legal rulings relating to a suit brought against Opposition Leader Lennox Linton by Anthony Astaphan on behalf of the government for alleging that ministers of government prostitute our young women for public assistance, Mr. Linton has been handed prima facie evidence to support his allegation, and Mr. Skerrit knows it. And with anticipation among the public of other shoes about to drop, Mr. Skerrit knows that this case could spell the demise of his government. Mr. Skerrit is in a fight to save his government, and we can expect him to attempt to go on the offensive. We have some bad news for Mr. Skerrit; sir, no matter how hard you try, this one has slipped your grasp. This case is too offensive to Dominicans; it simply will not go away.

We have come across several instances on social media of supporters of the Labour Party government, in particular women, chastising the young woman at the center of this scandal. We would like to point out to these people that this is a 15-year old child. No amount of spin by you or anyone else can erase that fact. How dare you take the child to task and not vehemently condemn the grown men involved? Have you no conscience? 

Which leads us to the women in Mr. Skerrit's government. Have you no morals? Have you no principle? Is your conscience for sale? Catherine Daniel, Justina Charles, Roslyn Paul, Francine Baron, Mirium Blanchard; at what point are you going to take the necessary steps to rescue your reputations? You continue to swear allegiance to a man who has just made a fool of you all. Mrs. Daniel; how embarrassed are you to participate in a charade that celebrates a man with a fictitious certificate that could easily have been purchased at an office supply store for much less than the $59,000 donated in India? Have you been so compromised that you feel powerless to extricate yourself from this nightmare? Cut your losses now; resign. Tell Mr. Skerrit that you can no longer participate in this circus. Tell Mr. Skerrit that you need to be able to walk with your head high, not bowed. Tell Mr. Skerrit this needs to come to an end. Tell him this, now! Resign from the cabinet, resign from your seat in parliament. Do that now! All of you.

Robbie Tonge; you have disgraced your father's good name. He has taken care of you all your life; save the Tonge name. Save it now. Get out of there!

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  1. Well said I support this post fully. The deathening silence by these women is so too loud. Where are their morals and responsibility to the children of Dominica. They are all but subject to one man while the country keeps exploding with immorality and wicked men in jacket calling themselves ministers. Shameful men and women to say the least. None of them coming forward to protect the victim in this case. Stand up for once for Christ sake

  2. I am ashamed of my fellowoman. Ashamed of my country's representation. This is a world stage...we going from bad to worse. Pride in being Dominican will become utter contempt..with all of this despicable behaviour.

  3. I am ashamed of my fellowoman. Ashamed of my country's representation. This is a world stage...we going from bad to worse. Pride in being Dominican will become utter contempt..with all of this despicable behaviour.

  4. What say the Ministers of that administration who have minor daughters magwaysar, it is disheartening to say the least let them remain silent. Shame shame shame. What say the men, where are their scruples???

  5. Mr Clint Lowe actually you are mixing everything up now. What does a Government have to do with an allegation of certain members who allegedy commtted a felony? There is also an opposition member too so your onslaught on the Labour Women is unfounded. Yes you can ask them to condemn the child abuse thing but what are you talking about resigning. Was it the PM or the whole administration who committed the act? You are one who thinks you know it all and really as those who want to just step into Government without being voted in. Hatred, hatred of someone who is trying his best; granted besides speaking and speaking, what are your contributions to the development of Dominica? Anything you and the likes of you, jump on the PM. Why can't you keep to the subject matter? One would expect you, perhaps, to ask the PM to condemn the actions of Child abuse case but to speak about resigning, for what. You and the likes of yourself will have to wait for the ballot day to be elected in. Another question why can't you stop politicking until campaign time and do some meaningful contribution to the development of Dominica. Even Robbie you want to attack after attacking the Labour women. Robbie is doing his share as a citizen and a very good job at that. Hatred again. So you want to say that if a person does not support your party, they are not human or productive citizens? Cowards like yourself should desist from blame game tatics and act like grown men and not children. Even children behave more matur than you all. I do expect you to come at me like a bullet but let me tell you, boomerang. I am a woman and I am disgusted at the likes of you who wants to always bring down women. I condemn child abuse but you should not and try to prevent persons from supporting which party they want and their constitutional right. In the same breath, you want to talk about the DCP incident and make it look like a lie, whilst you vehemently condemn those who are accused now. I know the young lady in question in the incident a few years ago. Try being objective and a little less hateful. Being hateful makes one bias.


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