Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Commonwealth to Suck Salt

Baroness Patricia Scotland, who famously told Dominicans to "go suck salt" is poised to have the entire Commonwealth of Nations, a 52-member block of former British colonies, suck salt as well. A mere 6 months into her term as the group's Secretary General, Baroness Scotland has been mired in a constant stream of scandal that appears have become so unacceptable that, as The Sun ( reports today, India is considering withdrawing financial support from the Commonwealth in protest for the manner in which the Baroness is spending the group's money.

Just like her benefactor Roosevelt Skerrit, the Baroness has been established her own "jobs for the boys" operation at the Commonwealth, granting contracts to several of her friends and business partners, completely ignoring established recruitment rules and procedure. The Baronmess, as she is referred to in some circles, has been under fire for hiring one of her fellow Labour Party friends on a £30,000 contract and two others on £48,000 salary for three months work. Shameful.

Patricia Scotland and Roosevelt Skerrit, two peas in a pod of corruption; they deserve each other.

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  1. Thank you for your investigative honesty and astuteness. Your information appears to be well researched and grounded and patriotic


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