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What kind of leaders insist on 0,0,0,0 percent wage freeze for employees while they themselves are able in a few years to become  multimillionaires? They've built mansions, some owning properties in New York, some buying multiple houses and  latching on to Petro Caribe like white on rice; some with offshore bank accounts. 

Over the next two days the public servants need to ask themselves the fundamental question; is political party or the harebrained loyalty to one man, more important than the need to stand and be counted in the struggle for a better standard of living, respect and justice?  If the answer to this question is not enough to break the chains of blind loyalty and intimidation among the public servants, then here are some facts that should at least arouse some curiosity and displeasure among public servants. 

The PM profess that money is never an issue yet he can’t afford to give the public servants a 15% raise. Remember Skerrit and his ministers hatched out 50% raise for themselves from the treasury.

NEP employees in some instances are getting higher or similar salaries to hard working public servants; some NEP employees are just getting paid for simply sitting in their parents businesses.

The PM continues to spread money throughout villages to maintain poverty. According to a GIS report the government ministers are offering money to “guys on the block”. If guys on the block are getting free money then it is only fair that the hard working Public Servants get the raise they deserve.

A senior government employee with the CBI program brought in $1.5 Million of passport proceeds on his personal account. Consider how this $1.5 Million could have been used towards salary increases among public servants.

Now that passport money is ubiquitous in Dominica do we really believe that the $32 Million used by the DLP during the election campaign come from friendly governments? 
Remmber that "‘the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” Steven Biko

DLP candidates who were not successful at the election (Ambrose, Timothy, Athenia, Shanks Esprit and Alexander) are now paid for doing nothing. The parasites are sucking the air out of the struggling public servants.

Charlie Jong is paid only to play cyber gutter assassin. Can anybody validate his $96000 salary?

For many years PM Skerrit has been dishing out money supposedly for small businesses, yet we see no growth in the small business sector. How much more sacrifice should the public servants make just to facilitate Roosevelt Skerrit’s corruption and selfish ego?

Robert Tonge declared that the government of Dominica has enough money in the bank to build an international airport. 

PM Skerrit gave US$176 Million (EC $476 Million) to a foreign company to build a hotel. The ownership of this hotel is still unknown.

Ross University employees are represented by the Public Service Union and every year the employees receive pay raises. On the other hand consider Public Works employees for example, they have not received an increase in salary for over 10 years. If the government continues to deny salary increases for the public servants then that creates a disparity in pay grade between Ross employees and public servant. Ross University may be forced to cut back on its annual salary increases for its employees. The Public Servants struggle is therefore Ross employees struggle and so it is important that Ross employees show solidarity with it's union members.

"If you stand up and be counted , from time to time you may get yourself knocked down but remember this. A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good." (Thomas Watson)

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