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Dominica FSU Caption
Recently we read of the arrest in London of Vladimir Antonov the owner of Dominican bank, Banko Translantico formerly called Griffon Bank . It was earlier reported that in order to operate in Dominica Antonov paid bribes to the Roosevelt Skerrit government. The bank was located adjacent to the PM’s office at the financial center. We took the opportunity to visit Dominica’s Financial Services Unit web site for some more information. The information shows that  Banko  Translantico( Griffon Bank) is now in liquidation/receivership. We also notice that there are two other banks with licenses revoked FGC Corporation and ASA Bank & Trust and so instead of going undercover for information on these two banks we decided to do a Public Inquiry so that the people can become more involved in uncovering the filth and corruption among government officials and cronies.  

THE INQUIRY - Only inquiry minds can solve problems
The following questions are directed to anyone of the Offshore Bank registering agents in Dominica and to include the Minister Of Finance and associates.    
Floating Offshore Bank -No Due Diligence-Wow?
(1)Is it true that floating offshore banks are set up by agents and that when clients show up looking to set up an offshore  bank these clients are charged millions of dollars to acquire these floating  offshore banks -no due diligence performed?

(2)Is it true that several offshore banks are registered at the same address , same staff but with different phone numbers?  Is it also true that each bank owner is asked to pay rent and staff  charges as if they are the only occupants of that location. If so isn’t that double, triple  dipping ,extortion and greed?

(3) What was the reason for hastily shutting down and revoking the licenses of FGC Corporation and ASA Bank & Trust and who were the owners of this two separate banks.

(4) Which agent registered these banks in Dominica and who was in charge of the operation of these banks in Dominica?
(5) Is it true that FGC Corporation and ASA Bank & Trust were owned by Venezuelans and that the Venezuelans came to Dominica  pissed off and inquiring about  irregularities in their bank affairs

(6) Is it true that millions were schemed of from both banks and after serious threats were made by the Venezuelans, the banks were hastily shut down?


There are many things going on that we the people of Dominica need to pay attention to . It is our responsibility as citizens to ask questions. Most Dominicans were blind sided by the revelation that Dominica was registering oil tankers and that these oil tankers were being used to bust America and UN sanctions against Iran. The fact is, this information was in the public domain way before the diplomatic passport holder Ali Reza Monfared was busted. Through systematic victimization and intimidation, our people have surrendered their rights to scoundrels operating as government in Dominica. It is only when the people exercise their right to know what the government is up to that those who are charged with governance  become even more mindful of their role as servants and not master of the people.  

Foot Notes
When we decided to do a public inquiry we were told that vehicles could be vandalized, houses could be fire bombed, people could be hunted like Obama hunted Al-QaidaThe older folks even warned us that if a priest shakes his soutane on us “maledisyon”/jinx will follow us forever but we were not perturbed by that as we learn that once the robe falls down more than once during his ordination ceremony the soutane of that priest wont have any mystical powers.It is also a sign that this priest may be a counterfeit priest. 

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  1. I thought this was a serious article, then I read some nonsense in a foot note about a priest shaking "soutane" then I started to wonder.

  2. Clues that even a dunce like me picked up.


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