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A Teaser
The average cost of a 30 second advertisement slot on a major television station is about US$350,000. The opportunity of a lifetime came by when the PM was invited to do an interview with the CBS 60 minutes program. He had the perfect opportunity to dispel the negative reports about Dominica’s passport selling program and he had access to free promotion for Dominica on prime time TV - something that would otherwise cost millions of dollars particularly on a prime time slot like CBS 60 minutes. Had Mr. Skerrit been smart or if he even have a modicum of integrity there would have been no need to pay a US company ( Mercury LLC)  US$30,000 /EC $81,000 per month to do damage control. Dominica would have received millions of dollars’ worth of free advertisement.  


We have to report on yet another shameful and embarrassing episode of wasteful spending, corruption, incompetence and total disregard for the limited resources of our country. Another shipment of agriculture inputs is heading for the dump and they don't want the public to know about it.
Before we get into the details it is important to recall a MiTC article entitled “Everything Upside Down Inside Out”. In this article we reported that the government of Dominica spent Millions of dollars to import coffee beans in an effort to kick start the Coffee factory and to our dismay all of the coffee beans were allowed to rot and pulverize. Needless to say the coffee factory remains a white elephant.  Because we presented the hard evidence of the rotting coffee beans and the exasperating presence of a white elephant (coffee factory) is a monumental shame , the government and spin doctors have remained quiet and are unable to refute our report. 

One would think that after the coffee bean embarrassment ,the Roosevelt Skerrit administration would put people and systems in place to insure that failures like that never happen again. Would you believe that the government together with Ricky Brumant, director of Agriculture is currently preparing to dump one and a half container load of spoiled/expired potato seeds? It is estimated that the cost of the spoiled potato seeds is roughly $400,000. We hope that Mr. Letang, the PWA and the Teachers Union take heed of more money going down the ravine.
We have been reliably informed that Skerrit’s hand pick Director, Ricky Brumant, took upon himself the responsibility to order the potato seeds, before leaving for vacation. Upon leaving for vacation Brumant gave his department the assurance that he ordered the seeds but according to reports it was a Big Fat lie. Brumant only ordered the seeds after returning from over a month of vacation. We were also informed that while on vacation Rick Brumant held on to government vehicle for his own personal use and entertainment. It is also alleged that Ricky Brumant submitted mileage claims while on vacation. We hope that an investigation will ensue.   

During our investigation we  found out that Ricky Brumant wants to have his hands on everything that he can use to facilitate his idiotic partisan politics. He wanted to insure that when the seeds arrive that he would be able to personally handle the potato seeds the Labor Party Way-Where Farmers around the island must grovel and pledge loyalty to Skerrit and his gang. We also learned that Potato is a seasonal crop and so the seeds need to be sewn within a specific time frame. By the time the seeds arrived in Dominica the planting season was closing in.That coupled with the prohibitive cost of $80.00 per bag, the farmers were unable to go into planting the potato seeds.  
In an effort to stem the tide of embarrassment the Ministry of Agriculture reduced the cost per bag of seeds to $20.00 but by then the planting period had been surpassed and the seeds were already in the state of germination. We spoke to a farmer who said that “at this point I would not even accept this bag of seeds for free”. The attached photo show bags of potato seeds with sprouts protruding from the bags.

Some may wonder whether or not this Roosvelt Skerrit administration has any shame or even capable of learning from past mistakes but the truth is, you can’t get blood out of a turnip and according to the popular mathematic  idiom “ Garbage in Garbage Out”. The quality of output is determined by the quality of input. To compound the situation PM Roosevelt Skerrit appointed the least qualified member of cabinet as Minister of Agriculture- “Happy Go Lucky” Johnson Drigo. Talk about total disrespect for the agriculture sector.

The conspicuous failure of Dominica’s agriculture industry is as a result of weak governance. This theory has been proven repeatedly for the last 13 years. This week the Ministry of Agriculture will be looking to dump $400,000 worth of expired potato seeds which we understand may have been imported from the Middle East.
With effective quality control, quality assurance and available markets we can only imagine what a good yield could do for the struggling farmers. Until we see the removal of misfits like Brumant, Happy Go Lucky Jono and the entire Roosevelt Skerrit cabinet ,the dysfunctional agricultural sector is not likely to change.

What is not within the public’s view is the crippling effect of everyday corruption and racketeering within the Ministry Of Agriculture and since Satan wont dispel sinners we are simply asking PM Roosevelt  Skerrit to just  Fix It. If not we will begin to expose details of various racketeering activities. For example we may just provide intimate details of a DLP operative who received government paychecks while incarcerated at the Stock Farm prison for a multiple burglary conviction.
Those who have eyes to read let them read.

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