Thursday, June 29, 2017

Blood On His Hands

In July 2015 Tourism Minister Robert Tonge with much fanfare and facing public outcry on the issue or rampant vagrancy in Roseau and its effect on our Tourism industry, declared that his government had put in place a plan that included a "day and night" care facility. He went on to indicate that the plan included picking up of high risk persons every day and taking them to an "occupational health centre".

We're now mid-2017 and we're left wondering "can Robert Tonge's solution to the vagrancy problem in Roseau be summed up as a plan to remove them from this earth altogether"? As outrageous as this question may appear to be on the surface, what do we have as evidence to counter it? None whatsoever. 

The Roosevelt Skerrit government is not interested in the rehabilitation of our brothers and sisters who have fallen off the grid. As far as this government is concerned, these people cannot vote for them so they are of no use to him or any potential candidate, especially Robert Tonge who has his eyes set on the Roseau Central Constituency seat. Meanwhile Health Minister Kenneth Darroux who also bears some responsibility on this issue, is busy toting a gun in parliament making gestures that threaten the lives of other parliamentarians.

Robert Tonge needs to get off Facebook and do his damn job. Better yet; resign. Hardly a day goes by where he cannot be found posting shit on the social media site and making nonsensical videos of himself. He is too incompetent to even bother to recognize that these vagrants pose a significant threat to our tourism industry. We have said it numerous times; Robert Tonge is an incompetent buffoon masquerading as someone of importance. This man is incapable of being a dog catcher.

The recent murder of Andy Carbon is quite disturbing. Mr. Carbon had previously been the victim of a vicious attack by local business woman Joan Cools-Lartigue, proprietor of the Orchard Restaurant in Roseau. Ms. Cools-Lartigue is yet to be penalized for her crime. In the meantime, Mr. Carbon continued to suffer at the hands of other unscrupulous individuals while he languished at the edge of society, ultimately losing his life last week. Mr. Tonge, a close friend of Ms. Cools-Lartigue, could not give one fuck, let alone two fucks, about Andy Carbon. I am saying right here now that his failure to address the issue of vagrancy in our capital and the plight of these individuals has led to the murder of Andy Carbon and several other similarly-situated individuals. Mr. Tonge's hands are stained with the blood of these persons.

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  1. I agree but he has a family and his day too is coming. God is the bigger judge and you Robbie is just as guilty as the person who did it. I also do not believe that shot about another paro did it no that's a damn lie.


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