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The imprisonment of decency and the state of moral stupor have allowed a gang of avaricious bandits to operate as government of Dominica. Not only have these scoundrels made off with millions in foreign bank accounts but they have also utilized state resources to facilitate their vulgar populism ideology. Then there is the problem of the hanger-on’s -The Horned "Likkle” Tony, “The Black Likkle Tony Sam Raphael”, the groupie Nassief Brothers, Ivor and Gregor. With Their overarching “vowastais” these guys are constantly trying to subdue any repulsion towards government misconduct . We can’t ignore  "Likkle" Tony’s barking Chiwawa , Simeone Albert. He too is playing his part to intimidate anyone or group that dare to speak out. In the face of the denials, the intimidation, and the ridiculous disjointed excuses by the government and it’s hanger on’s , irrefutable evidence of corruption continue to surface and there is nothing the Vowastais Gang can do to stem the tide – truth crush to earth will rise again. 

People who are adverse to the quotidian corruption in Dominica may say that more exposure of hard evidence of corruption is simply de ja vu; they may ask what is going to be  done about it? Instead of going to the puppet police commissioner and the FIU the evidence will be provided to as much international law enforcement agencies as possible and we hope that when the time is right the criminals in our government will be apprehended and jailed for their money laundering crimes.

Sadly it was only last week that the police commissioner Daniel Carbon asked for the assistance of the  public in fighting crime. If Daniel Carbon and his Criminal Investigation unit had any credibility, it would have been an honor to provide them with solid evidence showing that government officials together with Monfared have been involved in massive money laundering schemes, intimidation, exchange of gold bullions and Rolexes and the gifting of a blue Rolls Royce that was supposed to be shipped to Dominica.

From all indication the massive money laundering activities between Monfared and the government officials seem very much related to the diplomatic passport transacted to Ali Reza Monfared. Note that throughout the revealing documents Monfared   was conveniently referred to as Dato Ali (Dato Ali was used to avoid international scrutiny of the Name Ali Reza Monfared who from the evidence was a signatory to Zanjani’s Bank- wait for the details).  The evidence also shows that Dato Ali did not just pay a lump sum for his diplomatic passport; In reality Dato Ali had become an ATM for members of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. It almost seem like as long as Dato Ali needed the diplomatic privileges he was going to be paying out money to the Roosevelt Skerrit cabal. Zor Mir Vowastais

We do understand that many patriots are impatient and would like to see the unfolding of the treasure trove of evidence. The information is overwhelming and so much care is needed in the handling of the information. Nevertheless MiTC was tasked with providing a prelude of the coming flood . Please be aware that the items that we are about to reveal are snippets of just a few areas within the Vowastais Gang operation. The big revelation will be done in a format that will be announced – Stay Connected.

There is Evidence of:
·         The exploitation and abuse of young people to launder money at banks in Dominica- with masking bank accounts at Royal Bank and Scotia Bank- now shut down. The masked bank accounts at National Bank are still in use with very active money laundering activities. Talk about bait and switch?

·        Dato Ai arrived in Dominica January 25, 2016 yet lying "Likkle" Tony and Francine Baron said that his passport was revoked on January 20 2016. If his passport was revoked five days before he traveled to Dominica how he moved the huge sum of cash between Malaysia ,France and Guadeloupe. Why didn’t they ask him to stay away. Nanthan did you give Ali the heads up that INTERPOL had come knocking on the doors in Dominica?  

·         Email evidence also show that the cabal Knew that Dato Ali was on his way to Dominica since a young lady was used to open up an account for Dato Ali at the National bank and that account would be used as soon as Dato Ali setup his company in Dominica. Note The MDTH web site showed that he had existing companies in Dominica to include a Limousine company, Aqua Prawn and energy company. As an aside has anyone aware of Yellow Cab Taxi Services Ltd in Roseau? 

·         After Dato Ali’s arrest and after the supposed revocation of his passport, Dato Ali still had influence in Dominica. His son was given another Dominica passport five days after his father’s diplomatic was supposedly revoked. Did he really misplace his first passport? 

·         In addition to his diplomatic passport Dato Ali had two other regular passports- R0097910 and R0097919.

·         Evidence (receipts, email confirmation) shows that Dato Ali repeatedly sent money to and on behalf of cricket but  Dominica’s cricket King claws were all over the money What will WI cricket think about this? We will see.

·         Dato Ali was forced to pay for a private Jet to fly Roosevelt Skerrit from Malaysia to China no ifs and no buts.

·         Receipts show that Dato Ali paid for multiple airline tickets to Malaysia on various occasions. He also sponsored the big MDTH party in Malaysia and to date Dato Ali has not paid the tab for the entertainment in Malaysia and there are multiple lawsuits against Dato Ali.
Wait For the Full blown details 
We want to be frank- the information we have provided does not even scratch the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more information that  must be handled strategically. The question is when the flood gate is opened up and the plethora of hard evidence comes flowing through will the institutions of morality and civil society just sit back and remain quiet or will they demand an independent commission of inquiry into all the passport programs? There are so many reasons to suggest that a public inquiry will never happen under this budding dictatorship in Dominica. "We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful" Warren Buffet

What we do expect is that the Roosevelt Skerrit and his government will respond with a few more rounds of freebies (plywood, free money, toilets etc.) to keep the people subdued. We certainly hope that the people will come to understand that the occasional pittance and handouts that they receive from Roosevelt Skerrit is merely crumbs falling of the banquet table while Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabal are making off with millions of dollars through all kinds of divisive money laundering schemes, Rolexes, gold bullion and offshore accounts and offshorproperties.

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