Monday, June 19, 2017


Since the January 2017 CBS 60 minutes report, Dominicans have seen the CBI revenues gallivanting throughout Dominica and we now have a better understanding of the vast amount of passport moneys that have not made its way to the treasury in Dominica over the past 14 years. Today the government and its “Soutiwens” are quickly trying to install some physical structures so that they can deceptively point to these “quickie” project to claim that they have been prudent with the passport revenues -14 years worth. Billions of dollars!!!!
One such “quickie” project is the Silver Beach Hotel for which we know who the owners and operators are. It is no secret that the owners comprise of passport agents and the passport sales coordinators-some of the very same people we saw in the My Dominica Trade House photo collage. Take note that these are the very same people who are allowed to overrule legislation and subvert government regulations.

Upstream Of Indian River
It has been brought to our attention that the Silver Beach construction operators have been dumping excavated spoils from the Coconut Beach area into the Indian River Wet Land area in Portsmouth. According to the locals the wetland area is often referred to as the “Bawon” area. MiTC has been informed that the Environmental Department has issued a stop order to the earth moving contractor but the order was ignored. It is also alleged that the Silver Beach operators has reminded the Environmental Department of who is in charge and the “No Law No Constitution” clause was again invoked. So as it stands ,the indiscriminate dumping of excavated spoils continue to take place in Bawon behind the National Commercial Bank in Portsmouth and just like the Wetland area of the Cabrits National Park, there is no environmental impact assessment to validate the operation.  
The Value of the Wetland:
It is important to recognize that all scientific data support the irreplaceable value of wetlands and the importance of wetlands to the ecosystem. It is proven that Wetlands commonly act as an area sponge that serves to absorb and release water as the environment necessitates. Essentially Wetlands play a critical role in flood protection,flood control and water purification.

Scientific research also show that Wetlands also help stabilize the  shoreline , groundwater recharge, and maintain streamflow.It makes perfect sense that the “Bawon” area Wetland is well positioned to serve the shoreline at the entire Prince Rupert Bay and also the high water table in the vicinity of the Indian River. Note very importantly that, the Indian River and the surrounding  Wetland area has been a major tourist attraction and a valuable source of income for many young men in the Portsmouth area. The area exhibits a unique fish habitat with exotic birds and the vast mangrove type vegetation.
We hope that both the Environmental Department and the Forestry Division grow some balls and like Wayne Norde obtained a court injunction to stop the Silver Beach earth moving contractor from destroying the Bawon Wetland area.

MiTC also exposed the rotten coffee bean fiasco at the unproductive One Mile Coffee Factory and the looming environmental disaster. We would also like to the Environmental Department and the Forestry Division to be honest and transparent with the public about the poisonous Coffee Beans and the burial operation that is currently taking place at the One Mile location. Incidentally the Coffee Bean burial operation is a stone throw away from the very same “Bawon” Wetland area and it is very possible that the contamination of the ground water in the one mile area could also impact the Bawon Wetland area.
We have seen that over the past few years Dominica has become very susceptible to flooding and so it is the duty of all citizens to be responsible in the way we treat our environment. The media or whatever is left of it must now remove their head from Skerrit's posterior, cleanup their noses and take the lead in bringing this madness at the Bawon Wetland to a stop.

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