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Skerrit,Scam and Lawyers
One week before Sam Raphael craftily arrange to have a publicized “Wrong Table “ discussion with Zead in New York  we referred to Sam Raphael as the “ Snake In The Balize” -  we knew beforehand what Scam was up to ( It is not that most people had not seen Sam Raphael as a snake). Once it was announced that Zead was going accommodate Sam Raphael with the “Wrong Table” discussion we refer to Sam as the “ CBI Freeloader.”  One may ask why MiTC employ’s character variation to portrait Sam Raphael. The truth is, we are dealing with a human chameleon that not only changes color but also disguise it's personality. What we have seen and heard from Sam today is now the voice and image of a hyena.

Throughout the world hyenas are regarded as highly effective and vile scavengers. They come in after the kill, to feast on the remains left behind by lions(politicians) and the vultures/ passport agents/Senior lawyers.

Free passport money- You no Freeloader?
A very interesting behavioral characteristic of  hyenas is that if they are harassed while scavenging they may cut their losses but not without tearing a piece off the carcass and running away with it. Immediately after the 60 minutes report Sam came on Matt’s radio show to state that the 60 minutes report was a hit job by CBS. He cleverly avoided lambasting Chris Kalin who PM Skerrit had previously claimed conspired with Lennox Linton and CBS to besmirch Dominica. Sam knew that he could not attack Chris Kalin, chairman of Henley and Partners, because of his alleged direct or indirect passport dealing relationship with the same Chris Kalin.

Sam also claimed that the huckstering of diplomatic passport was “fake news.” and on numerous occasions he told the ever unprepared Matt that his agenda was nonpolitical and that he came as the voice of reason but so was Bottom Brain, Gregor Nassief and Parry "The Clown” Bellot. So what does that make Matt ” Softy the Snow man?

With  the international exposure of the scam (not Sam ) between the Roosevelt Skerrit government and  Ali Reza Monfared, Sam Raphael like Gregor Nassief is now  unable to deny the diplomatic passport scam, so Sam decided to take a pound of bones of the UWP and two ponds of flesh of the opposition leader, Lennox Linton. It was quite obvious that during Sam Raphael’s appearance on today’s hot seat  he was able to manipulate the show such that he could take his bite without being harassed. He wanted no part of the flood of questions that would have come from the hot seat callers so he dominated the conversation such that softy the snow man would not accommodate calls. Hyenas are universally regarded as cowardly yet clever and efficient hunters

Hyenas are not shy or ashamed of their game and Sam Raphael demonstrated just that on today’s Hot Seat radio program. Sam took precious moment to let the people of Dominica know that the reason there is a delay in receiving CBI moneys is because he and the Roosevelt Skerrit government are in the process of dotting the “I” and crossing the “T’s’ thus insuring that whatever happened to Sam Raphael on the first round of CBI scavenging will not happen again. We all know that Roosevelt Skerrit went after Sam Raphael because Sam Raphael had not been repaying the tax payers from the first round of passport funding for Jungle Bay 1 and so it is reasonable to assume that Sam and Roosevelt Skerrit are now insuring that the next government may not have to take Sam to court on matters relating to the second round of scavenging.    

Hyenas are very capable predators; they find carcasses by scent however they are incapable of overpowering the lions and the sleek vultures during and immediately after a kill. Note though that hyenas despise lions but  they find amicable ways to coexist and to feast with and off the lions. Let us not forget that Sam Raphael had been on a relentless mission to dislodge  the lion PM  Roosevelt Skerrit from the government of Dominica but Roosevelt Skerrit continue to dominate the food chain just like the lions but the hyena skillfully scavenge their way through.  Sometimes the lions give away the carcasses to the hyenas.

Finally hyenas are predators most likely to attack humans particularly those who are fast asleep. While the people of Dominica are fast asleep the corrupt and heartless government politicians and their vultures continue to destroy the dreams and aspirations of the  poor people in Dominica and the parasitic hyenas typically, the shady businessmen continue to feed on the decaying carcasses left behind by corrupt politicians like PM Roosevelt Skerrit and vultures like senior lawyers, passport selling agents and shady hoteliers.

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