Friday, August 18, 2017

Abuse of State Funds

We have a question for La Plaine MP Petter St.Jean, Little Tony Astaphan and the management of J. Astaphan & Company; which one of you are going to refund the state the cost of the vehicle provided to the young man from the East?

Let's reverse a bit.

A young Forestry officer and recent NEP appointee was given a loan by the Small Business Unit (SBU) for the purchase of two (2) concrete mixers, ostensibly for the start of a new business. But it appears that this gentleman was in need of a personal vehicle as well. What we're learning is that the La Plaine MP was able to get Astaphan's to hand over the vehicle to the young man for free - to him, but at a cost of $28,000 to the state. This money came from the SBU loan, an illegal misuse of state monies.

Camel Jockey Hunter St.Rose
When is this going to end? Tony Astaphan's family company has sucking this cow named Dominica of its milk for years. Little Tony has used legal maneuvers to prevent the state from collecting taxes due for several years. The company has benefited from LPO's handed out to Labourites of all stripes; who can forget the leaked invoices made out to the state for building material given to the Camel Jockey Derick "Hunter" St. Rose? Now we have vehicles given away?

All this and there's no sight of the concrete mixers. So where's the balance of the money?

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