Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Clifton Health Center
It is conventional wisdom that corruption poses a huge challenge to a healthcare system. When public officials adopt policies for winning the next election instead of providing systems and policies to benefit the public interest the people suffer and die.

The recent discussion regarding the inefficiency of the X-Ray service at the PMH Hospital is just one example where economic and political decisions become twisted. We woke up this morning to the news that a young man from the Cottage Constituency by the name of Marley was found dead outside a health center in the village of Clifton.

Marley suffered from a mental condition and was taken to the Portsmouth hospital for treatment yesterday afternoon Monday August 14. He was treated and brought back to the cottage constituency but shortly after he was brought back to his place of residence he again complained of discomfort but this time the ambulance dropped him off in the evening at the health center in the village of Clifton. We have been informed that at the time the young man was dropped off at the Health center the staff was not available and so the ambulance service left the young man outside the health center. This morning the young man was found dead at the same spot in front the health center.

Many would like us to look the other way and not blame the healthcare system just because their political party gets negative attention. We need to stop behaving like we can find solutions by pretending like our problems don’t exist. Higher corruption is associated with poor health outcomes- with poorly trained staff, inadequate facilities and equipment.

Family and concerned villagers are seeking answers to many questions this morning.

Why was the health center closed?

Where the nurse or nurses was at the time the young man was dropped off?

Did the ambulance service contact the health professional?

Why the ambulance service left the young man outside the health center unattended?

We have become so self-centered that we have worked ourselves into just getting what we want only. It is astonishing that foolish party loyalty and an adopted attitude of selfishness can prevent a people from having “eyes that see” and “ears that hear.” We hope that as the people of the Cottage constituency attempt to find the answers this morning that they will come to understand the need for better healthcare and to hold their government and representative accountable.

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  1. would they have treated someone with prestige this way or would they have brought them back to the hospital on finding out there was no health care assistant available at the time i find this to be very fishy something wrong somewhere i smell a rat this is high way cruelty so sad tears tears tears my god if this is true he was a human being just like the paramedics that dropped him off n left him there my heart is broken i wonder if this is true n if its true if he had some kinda big surname would that have happened to him god is looking down ppl.

  2. If what i'm reading on here is true, the ambulance personel are totally irresponsible and responsible for the man's death,they should be held accountable!If the police and relevant authorities fail to take action against the ambulance personnel,the family of the man should take action! What an island of incompetent rogues!!!

  3. How about you find out why the fire officer didn't contact the nurse on call or if he did why wasn't he attended to instead of you stupid people blaming the government every time?

  4. Really low class stuff. The professionals who are supposed to administer service to clients don't care at all. The Health and Ambulance Services should be held totally responsible for their unprofessional, uneducated, low standard bullshit of a service. High time somebody pays for these kinds of attitudes. And for those nasty folks who include politics in every thing I say to you stop making unfounded, misleading and unfactual statements about Parl Reps and Government. Total bullshit as well these institutions should do their work since they are paid to do it.

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