Wednesday, October 18, 2017

First Iran now North Korea

Unaforte Limited, a front company based in Hong Kong, stands accused of being in violation of United Nations sanctions against North Korea. The company is suspected of facilitating North Korea's access into the global financial system, allowing it to circumvent international sanctions. What does that have to do with us in Dominica, you ask?

As reported by CNN, "When Unaforte's company particulars show up in Hong Kong's publicly available corporate records, the name of just one individual appears. He holds a passport from the small Caribbean island of Dominica. A passport number is there, but not a phone number."

Roosevelt Skerrit and Emmanuel Nanthan have made numerous trips to Hong Kong in the past, peddling our passports. Did Mr. Skerrit, Mr. Nanthan or one of their representatives sell one of our passports to a person or persons involved in another UN sanctions busting scheme?  Click image to read report.
Click to read CNN report

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  1. When Skerritt advertised the job he wanted someone who had a University degree,then all of a sudden Nanton who might not even have gone to Grammar School is" given" the position so what did we expect.We are getting nepotism corruption and spoiling of the good name of Dominica,yet the Labour Party followers want to accuse Lennox Linton but won't say a peep about the numerous times that the country is involved with nefarious individuals.It's got to end some way some time and to hell with these lies of "due diligence".Not even that they can do well


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