Sunday, October 1, 2017

We're Back

We want to apologize for our absence over the last 2 weeks. Due to an unfortunate bit of coincidence, our country was struck by a catastrophic hurricane while we were on vacation. We have, however, been following the developments through social media and, like many of you, we have been traumatized by what has befallen our beautiful country. We extend our hearts to you and would like express our deepest sympathy to those who have lost someone. 

We have many questions and we doubt we will get the answers anytime soon, if at all. But our first question today is; why is Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit leaving the country again?

The simple answer probably lies in his declaration that he does not eat corned beef, nor tuna, nor sardines. Mr. Skerrit is used to eating steaks and caviar, and drinking champagne; he will not let the most catastrophic hurricane to ever hit our shores prevent him what he's accustomed to, after siphoning millions of our dollars into his secret bank accounts.

The nerve and contempt of Roosevelt Skerrit, telling us bold faced that he does not eat what we all eat, nor does he bathe the way we, the minions, do. This man is a fucking bastard.

The Skerrit government, throughout its time in office, has been the beneficiary of more external aid than any previous administration and it has proven to be the most insidious of them all. It has failed to put systems in place that would assist us in weathering these storms. This government continues to failed us and will do so spectacularly during this recovery. Our country sits in the path of Atlantic hurricanes; can someone tell us why we have not figured out how to mitigate the challenges that are certain to occur in the aftermath of the passage of a storm? 
  • we know that our roads are going to be blocked;
  • we know that telephones are going to be out;
  • we know that DOMLEC will turn off our electricity;
  • we know that DOWASCO will shut out water distribution;
  • we know that our rivers will be flooded and loaded with silt for several days;
  • we know that people will be requiring medical attention;
  • we know that injured people in rural areas will need to be transported to a medical facility.
These things we know are certain to occur whenever we're struck by a major storm. Tropical Storm Erika was not a hurricane, and the damage it caused has not been completely repaired. We still have a network of temporary bridges that the government appears to be comfortable in ensuring that they become permanent structures. So the appearance of Maria, which was forecast to be a Category 3 hurricane should have prompted us to take extra precautions for the simple fact that this storm was going to be exponentially bigger than Erika. So, the questions are;
  • why did the government not position earth-moving equipment at key areas around the island that would be used to clear roads?
  • why did the government not equip emergency centers with radio communications equipment that would be used to coordinate relief efforts as well as to alert the EOC of any issues requiring outside help?
  • why are emergency centers not equipped with backup power generation systems?
  • why do we not have mobile water purification systems that could be easily deployed across the island to provide clean, potable water to our citizens?
  • why don't we have water trucks that would distribute purified water to every town and village?
  • why are emergency centers not staffed with medical personnel equipped with emergency kits ahead of the approach of any storm?
  • why do we not have a medical evacuation helicopter? 

These are some of the questions this Roosevelt Skerrit needs to answer. Will he do so? No, because he is preoccupied with himself; it is all about him. Mr. Skerrit's declarations to the world about the struggles in Dominica were mostly about himself. Skerrit does not care about us, the little ones. And to add insult to injury, in his afternoon press briefing on September 29th he emphasized his disconnect from us in no uncertain terms when he declared that "he does not eat corned beef", and "...tuna" and "...sardines".

I think we can all agree that in times like these, preserved foods like canned tuna, sardines and corned beef become part of our diet. That Mr. Skerrit can tell us that he's not in that league should jolt us as much as Maria did. And now he is abandoning the country once more, leaving us on our own at a time when we need leadership from the top. His supporters will say that we have an acting prime minister to fill in, but that is bullshit. In times of crisis, a leader of a country who cares about the citizens remains with them, if only to show that he or she is there with them in their dark hours, their time of suffering. Mr. Skerrit clearly does not care about Dominicans. He has pilfered so much of our money that he is determined to continue living the high life he has grown accustomed to since he became prime minister.

Mr. Skerrit is now on his way to some fancy hotel somewhere while we sleep under the rain, the moon and the stars. He will be traveling on private aircraft, costing as much as US$9,000 per hour of flight. He will be sleeping on high thread-count sheets in presidential suites while we will be sleeping on the floor. He will be not be dining on corned beef but Wagyu (Kobe) beef. He will be having caviar, not sardines. And to wash it all down, he will have some champagne. Ahhhh the life Roosevelt lives while we starve and shiver.

This abuse must end; we need to ensure that Roosevelt Skerrit gets that message. MiTC will continue to play it's part; Mr. Skerrit should not lull himself into believing that Hurricane Maria will grant him some reprieve; it will not. 

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  1. Well if we knew all that why didn't we assist the government in figuring all this before the hurricane hit or is this just another ply to bring down the government.At this time this should not be a political is he.We need to put our hands and minds together to help rebuild our beautiful Dominica and not assign blame.

    1. Anonymous you make no sense in asking why didn't the author assist the government.Did the government ask for assistance?Not the Skerritt administration,they know it all and are incompetent,so the author is correct to point out their craziness and incompetence noting that there is no season for politics.Make up yours if you want too but you make no sense

  2. Great piece because you make some salient points and ask some pertinent questions.Those who say this isn't time for politics are talking nonsense, because Everytime is good time for politics.The US economy was in the abyss yet they continued the political campaign and election, wasn't that politics,and even before the financial crisis was over the new president was hammered politically.Let those hypocrites continue their self righteousness and think they make sense whereas they sound more foolish with their nonsense.There is no season for politics

  3. It's been approximately 2 weeks since the hurricane.
    Many doctors and nurses have been working very long hours..NO RELIEF FOR ESSENTIAL WORKERS!

    NOT A biscuit. Not a soap. Many of whom have lost their homes and personal belongings

    Most times no breakfast. No dinner. Or very talking about a cup of cornmeal if you can get a cup to get some. Yet the work continues.

    Essential workers MUST be protected and provided for because without them the system will crash.

    Over a hundred tapolins sent to the hospital for health care workers..most of us just heard about it. My clothes continue to wet when it rains while I'm at work.

  4. Skerrit has been out of Dominica for most of the days since the hurricane...or almost. Flying in dance aircrafts. Staying in air conditioned executive suit and penthouse I presume.

    Question...where is his New York? In the condo?
    Whilst we here getting roofs....and RELIEF not reaching those who need it the most.

  5. I don't believe for a second that the PM slept on No mattress on no floor, and if so, where the "hell" (according to him) you want to sleep sir? After all, while mosquitoes bussing my skin, No sleep to very little sleep in heat...over worked for the pass two weeks you were riding on fancy planes country to country saying you adressing UN and visiting countries when you persons like Vince Henderson and Lauren Bannis being paid to do these jobs, you packed up your family and dig out, there sleeping in air conditioned executive suit and penthouse. So if you spend one night on a mattress it's better than we who have no mattress and sleep in our leaking shut the "hell" up..STOP winning ...Put on your big girls panty and WORK!


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