Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Even as Dominica is going through the moment of cleansing and possibly retribution, there are many still willing to sacrifice social and moral values for material gain. We are still witnessing religious leaders making public pronouncements that conveniently pursuit their political objectives or partisan biases. We continue to witness the sacrificing of rectitude on the altar of greed and selfishness- men and women of the cloth have sold themselves for the material benefits that come from singing the praises of Roosevelt Skerrit. The same religious leaders who silently acknowledge the blasphemous comparisons made between Jesus Christ and Skerrit .

During the 2017 Independence day celebration the Vice President of the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches Pastor Arlington Wilson, declared PM Roosevelt Skerrit as” the world’s greatest beggar.” In ordinary circumstances the title of the World’s Greatest Beggar” would not be flattering but Pastor Wilson is no doubt an unapologetic cheer leader of a flagrantly corrupt and amoral prime minister. 

Pastor Ka Fou Dollar Or Pastor ka fou cletais
After such a bold and sycophantic statement by Pastor Wilson, the Ministry Of Education personnel must now contemplate whether or not they can take hardline decisions against an absolute cheer leader of PM Skerrit. We are hearing whispers that it may now be even more difficult for the education personnel to pry Pastor Arlington Wilson out of the school/shelter in Portsmouth.

We understand that the Ministry of Education has issued an eviction notice to the occupants of the Public Schools in Portsmouth- the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School (RDPS) and the Portsmouth Secondary (PSS). The truth is ,many of the occupants have nowhere to go and we sincerely hope that the situation improves for the people at the shelters , sooner than later. We are aware however that some of the occupants do have the option of returning to their homes but they will not vacate the shelters because the shelter provides a relative degree of luxury.

Our sources are telling us that some of the education officers are angered by the fact that in spite of having his house repaired and fully covered, Pastor Wilson will not to leave the shelter and it is not because he is trying to convert the people at the shelter to born again Christianity. We have been told that Pastor Wilson and a few others who are able to return to their private homes will not leave because they are able to enjoy the amenities at the   school(shelter)- the cooling fans, washing machines, refrigerators, cell phone charging privileges etc. 

The situation in Portsmouth is obviously a major embarrassment and some people are grumbling but as expected, people are afraid to speak out on issues that matter. Anyone who dare speak truth to power will get ostracized and victimized, particularly in a place like Portsmouth. In fact the people of Portsmouth are conspicuously silent on the Ross University departure although it is now wide spread knowledge that Ross University’s withdrawal had more to do with the incompetence of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration.

We have learned that the principal of the RDPS has made several attempts to have the school restored and ready for the returning students but his efforts have failed. We are now hearing that the government is asking the St Johns Primary School to make adjustments to their schedule so that they could share their facility with the staff and students of the RDPS. While this may be a good idea at the moment, it is inexcusable that the government did not make the situation at PSS and RDPS a priority. It must be noted that St John’s Primary School facility which is a private institution was able to repaired their facility and have it ready for the students. It is also noteworthy that the RDPS was not a designated hurricane shelter- the assigned shelter for the area is actually the Methodist church in Portsmouth. 

In order to rebuild Dominica and to restore the lives of so many in Dominica to include the many folks at the shelters in Portsmouth, we must begin with the transformation of our governance system. We trust that now is the time to question the wasteful spending and gross misappropriation of public funds and the millions possibly billions spent on  election campaign, scam hotel construction , expensive trips, lavish  travels, and offshore accounts airport naming party, sousay sel party, bogus small business funding, passport  zazimozaye.” Corruption is not a victimless crime and the situation at the shelters in Portsmouth is a prime example and measure of how corruption hurts. 

The rebuilding process must be based on combating corruption and strict adherence to ethical standards in the public service. A country without good people being consistently good cannot be a good nation. As we jettison our moral compass just to appease one man and his minions ,we must bear in mind that with the lack of morality there are real consequences – consequences capable of pulverizing an entire nation.

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