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In a recent video that went viral a gentleman from Dominica  using poignant  colloquialism asked the question – “How a man that come in government as a "vere terre" (creole term for earth worm) , with no clothes ,no shoes, house nor car is today if not the wealthiest but one of the wealthiest politician in the region.” The gentleman is clearly disgusted by the fact that some politicians in the government of Dominica have been strictly focused on the pursuit of absolute power through a sociopathic means of self-enrichment with brazen corruption.

We will all agree that the gentleman’s concern as expressed in the video is very much in line with the question that many have been asking of the Prime Minister of Dominica, Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit. It is a well-established fact  that prior to his political career  PM Roosevelt Skerrit was a struggling school teacher with not even a kaiye Poule" (Fowl Cage) to his name. Even the notorious Krazy Tee once told the listeners of his radio program that he and others had to essentially set up a   collection basket in order to purchase Roosevelt Skerrit’s first suit for his swearing in ceremony as a minister under the Roosevelt Douglas led DLP administration. Following the death of two prime ministers, all within a spate of three years Roosevelt Skerrit was mysteriously appointed leader and prime minister of the Labor Party led government.

People who knew Roosevelt Skerrit prior to his political career have always said that he was a young man engrossed by avarice, greed and selfishness.  Immediately following his ascension into the position of Prime minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit wasted no time pursuing his self-enrichment goals. Under the leadership of PM Skerrit the government has been plagued with malfeasance and many allegations of corrupt activities involving PM Roosevelt Skerrit.

Among the very many accusations of corruption the Prime Minister has been asked to respond to allegations of  his ownership of the over $8 Million Villas in the Savanne  Paille area and the  affordability of the PM’s  almost $2 Million mansion in Vielle Case.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence pointing to bulk corruption and evidence of the PM’s enigmatic wealth, the PM, his apologists and mercenaries continue to deny the allegations of criminality and wrong doing. However the PM with his hubris and posture of unassailability seem unable to hide or contain the symptoms of his mysterious “affluenza” and luxurious tendencies.

We have been reliably informed that sometime early in 2017 the popular and international disk jockey, Trinidadian DJ Private Ryan was hired by the Prime Minister and brought in for one night just to DJ at a private birthday party for either Melissa or one of the PM’s kids. We are more inclined to believe that it was Melissa’s as this kind of fanfare and celebration is her thing. The former bar tender has shown that she has a great affinity for the finest things in life. It is alleged that DJ Private Ryan was paid US $20,000 just for the one night engagement. Let’s wait and see how the apologists spin this one.

There are a million and half things wrong with the PM Skerrit paying DJ Ryan all the way out of Trinidad US $20,000 for a one night engagement in Dominica. What is considered most sadistic is that even in late 2016 efforts were being made to grow and promote the “Djaying” profession in Dominica. A DJ competition was organized and in that competition were eleven (11) registered DJ’s out of Dominica and a winning prize of $2500. It is only logical to suggest that not one of these disk jockeys or any of the other popular ones not shown on the list was considered worthy of Djaying at Skerrit’s organized birthday party for his wife or kid.  
List of DJ's in 2016 competition

Our people are so duped by PM Skerrit’s con games that many will see nothing worth raising eyebrows at a US $20,000 gig for a DJ; even some of the disk jockeys in Dominica will find ways to endorse the PM’s decision to hire DJ Private Ryan for one night out of Trinidad for a birthday party celebration when one of them could have done the job. 

Soon Melissa Skerrit will be going around handing out gift baskets with pampers and toiletries donated by agencies selling passports and many Dominicans will convince themselves that this is the ideal life - A PM and his wife showing counterfeit affection to a people who have become impoverished at the hands of the same prime minister and at the same time the PM is arrogantly displaying a life of  extreme luxury through illicit self-enrichment while serving in government.

When MiTC wrote about the PM’s son attending a spendy high school for kids of millionaires and billionaires in New York City, some people made it seem like MiTC was attacking the PM’s kid and deliberately ignored the moral of the story. How did the Prime Minister Skerrit go from “vere Tere” to a filthy rich flamboyant millionaire on a prime minister’s salary?

Corruption should always be a bitter pill to swallow when economic growth is absent and particularly when there is gaping disparity between the opulent life style of the prime minister and that of the masses in Dominica. Lets see how much longer the people will tolerate such a farce.   

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