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Post Maria Banana Crop going to waste
In spite of the government’s attempt to marginalize the contribution of Ross University to the overall economy of Dominica, the people are well aware that it is important to prepare for the imminent economic crush and presumably a difficult and prolonged recovery process. Many believe that the real grind will begin in a few months, when personal reserves have been depleted and public funds can no longer support the government’s social programs, particularly the overburdened and dysfunctional NEP program. Others believe that the grinding has already begun and though not publicly displayed  or articulated there is agony among the people.

We take no comfort nor joy in talking about the struggles of a people who have invested in one way or another around the Ross University system. We come with sincere empathy and solidarity. Our intension is to elicit or provoke absolute objection to the continuous attempt by the government operatives to propagate lies and illusions while a people are hurting and trying to pick up the broken pieces and the endurance of a total let down by a government selected to serve the people's interest. 
Food Court At Ross -Pre Maria
As we traverse the areas within the Ross University’s cone of influence, we are learning that even with the promise by government to assist there is great consternation among the people. We are learning that small apartment owners who are indebted to financial institutions are already under pressure and crying out for help. We were also reliably informed that a particular landlord in the Picard area, one of the most fervent supporter and “sutiwere” of PM Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party government has been lamenting and wondering how is he going to pay the bank over $15000 per month. What is most intriguing about this particular individual is that two weeks before the government was forced to tell the people that Ross would no longer operate in Dominica, this particular gentleman and friend of the prime minister went on a Skerrit promotional campaign with the plot to convince people on social media that great things are happening in Dominica.  We gather that it was just another Parry Bellot and Clarence Christian type propaganda and distraction mechanism. The gentleman tried convincing social media that with the ongoing construction of the hotel that over 400 hundred jobs were created in Portsmouth and that the long awaiting Morocco Hotel is about to unfold many more jobs in Portsmouth.All lies.  One has to wonder what did he know at the time since he was so focused on misrepresenting job statistics in the Portsmouth area. Even in the midst of an unprecedented economic disaster these Roosevelt Skerrit apologists find the necessity to peddle fallacies and emptiness.   

But this is what we have come to expect from apologist of this Skerrit regime. Several months before Hurricane Maria Clarence Christian tried to convince Dominicans that  the turnover in Portland Cement on the island was due to a vibrant economy but at the same time it is alleged that he was having difficulties paying  his rent even while picking up small accounting contracts from the government. What Clarence Christian would not mention is that the high turnover in Portland Cement is because for many years now the government has resorted to repairing roadways using Portland Cement concrete as opposed to Asphaltic Concrete.  As for Parry “Chemical Ali” Bellot we will need a separate slot to deal with the mendacity of such a character.
With the exit of Ross University we all know that there are significant losses associated with the physical structures in the Picard area - the apartments, the restaurants, laundromats, pizza parlors, bars, banking facilities, supermarkets etc. What may be easily underestimated are the micro businesses that have already been hit by the ROSSIT effect. We considered the Juice Man and his family business for example. Although we have not spoken to him nor any member of his family our understanding is that the hard working juice man was once an outstanding farmer but because of the calculated destruction of the agricultural industry the gentleman reinvented himself and started a successful juice business operating at the food court adjacent to Ross University campus. There is no doubt that the Juice man and his family business have been severely impacted and we are left to wonder whether the gentleman will have to go through another self-reinvention process.

Banana left for the birds 
A few years ago MiTC published a blogg on a young prolific farmer and businessman affectionately known as Farmer Ras Castle ( Farmer Castle operates a banana farm and a banana ripening facility. Like the juice man  Farmer Castle's business had been heavily dependent on the Ross University economy. He supplied the supermarkets in and around Ross University with ripe bananas from his farm and ripening facility. We must also add that although Ras Castle had been a target of  blatant political victimization by the DLP operatives, he remains the ultimate patriot. Due to government’s neglect of the banana industry and the dismal failure to secure reliable external markets for bananas produced on the island, Farmer Ras Castle had been buying the bananas from the government pack house in the Long House area of Portsmouth. He would ripen the bananas and then sell the fruit to the local market. Now that Ross is gone Farmer Ras Castle and all the other small banana farmers who were able to sell their bananas to the Long House pack house facility are already feeling the impact. We were able to visit a few small farms and just the sight of ripe bananas rotting and falling off the trees was indeed very difficult.
Our sources have indicated that the rotting bananas on the trees got the attention of the Minister Of Trade, Ian Douglas and at a meeting last week Ian asked the agriculture officer that the news of the rotting bananas should be concealed since that sight of the roting bananas on the trees could “make them look bad.” Too Late Ian MiTC  Ka Twavaille.

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