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Ross Water Facility At Ras Castle 
Putting all partisan biases aside we can all agree that the reasons postulated by Adtalem for the removal of the Ross University from Dominica are all legitimate. Some of the reasons cited are the lackadaisical approach of the government to develop health and education, the unreliable air access to Dominica, the deplorable infrastructure and just what the people from Adtalem did not mention – the full blown corruption in Dominica. MiTC had been reliably informed that the DLP government ,allegedly had been trying to force their NEP scam unto the Ross university operation. According to our sources Ross University resisted the scam and insisted that all employees at their campus must be properly vetted. Essentially Ross wanted no part of this blatant corruption. 
Off Campus Facility - Ras Castle
Notwithstanding the legitimate reasons for withdrawing their operation from Dominica it is still somewhat puzzling that after 40 years of operation, a recent 25 year renewal contract, hundreds of millions in investment to include recent investments in new building structures and sports facility yet less than 3 months after talking to Mia Mortley that Ross wanted no part of Dominica. It is quite obvious that there are a lot more unanswered questions  and that  there is much more than what meets the eye. After all PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabal have established themselves abiding  liars so it is only reasonable that as responsible Dominicans we should keep seeking the answers that we deserve. 
With regards to the ongoing matters relating to Ross’s real estate properties, about two weeks ago  we had been informed that Ross has been playing hard ball with their property. It is alleged that since the announcement of their departure Ross insisted that they are neither selling nor leasing their properties and the government side is not happy. Now that we are hearing that there may be some type of bantering on the ownership of the land and building properties the question that comes to mind is - does Ross still have interest in Dominica and is here is a “Gwo wosh en chemen la.” 
Off Campus Facility- Ras Castle
It is important that everyone understands that the infrastructure that Ross has laid down in Dominica is not restricted to the central campus area that we see when we drive along the E.O Leblanc highway. Ross has building structures off the campus as well. On our trip to visit the cone of influence we had the opportunity to visit some of Ross’s facility in the inland section of the Picard area. On our way to visit Farmer Ras Castle’s farm and fruit ripening facility we were shocked to learn that Ross University had recently constructed a water intake and storage facility in the area. We also saw a couple of relatively new building structures in the very same area, all belonging to the Ross University operation. Even as we are still trying to process ROSSIT , Ross has a private contractor installing a fence around the entire sporting facility that had been under construction. It sure seem like there is going to be a real show down between the government and Ross university. 
One thing that we must be weary of is the possibility of all Ross real estate property falling in the hands of this kleptocratic and criminal enterprise that have spent the better part of 18 years raping and plundering the national resources. We know what happened to the land in the Georgetown area not too far from Ross University campus. A previous administration had designated that the land in the Georgetown area, land previously owned by Geest industries should be distributed among the people in the area. When the people found out that the land was actually being hawked and divided among the DLP cabal a few of them staged a public demonstration. After the demonstration the Roosevelt Skerrit government promised the people that the remaining land will be distributed among the people of Glanvillia. Fast forward to post Maria the government has now decided that it will build a few apartments building in the very same Georgetown area. The question is – have the people been bamboozled and forced into government apartment as oppose to owning the land and becoming independent while the DLP cabal make out with the ownership of the land? We hope that one day the people of Portsmouth and Glanvillia will wake up from this ridiculous stupor of foolish labor party loyalty.
Fence Being Installed at Sport Complex
As earlier indicated there are much more questions than answers. There are things happening at Ross University right now that is quite baffling to us. With a debilitated media in Dominica we have made it our duty to inform the public particularly in areas where the infirmed media is afraid to tread. As we speak Ross is installing heavy duty fencing, with concrete footings all around its properties, not just the sporting complex. On the campus right now, is groups of Americans doing maintenance work and according to our sources the American workers are asking the local guys to stand down and relax – they will take care of all the maintenance work. Our sources are also telling us that at this juncture it is mainly chairs, desks and a few ancillary items that are being loaded in containers bound for Barbados.
Is there going to be a show down on the ownership of the properties or does Ross intend to be back? Why is Ross doing maintenance work on all campus facilities when they have declared that Dominica is not in their future plans? Just asking. 

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  1. Ross maybe hoping for a change of government to return.

  2. Ross will come back to Dominica as soon as skerrit is out of office


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