Friday, August 31, 2018


It is a case of case of "monkey see monkey do" When passport racketeering is rampant within  the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs. Acolytes and extraordinary supporters of PM Roosevelt Skerrit who are close enough to passport racketeering are tempted to jump into the cesspool and partake of the bom siwo. 

MiTC is following a case of passport bobol at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs. People within the DLP circles have informed us that a young lady employed at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs is implicated in a massive passport Money Bobol. The matter is of a serious nature however the head honchos within the PM’s office and the police are actively trying to sweep the matter underneath the rug of shame.
The allegations against the young lady reveal that she was able to swindle a considerable sum of passport money. In addition it is also alleged that some way somehow she was able to have blank passports in her possession.
According to our sources the senior officers within the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs are quite embarrassed and seemed caught between a rock and a hard place as they waited on PM Skerrit to return from his two week absence. Unconfirmed reports suggest that efforts are on the way to facilitate a leave of absence for the young lady and so they may be considering a fake hand injury as an excuse.
There is no doubt that this is a case of “Monkey See Monkey Do” however our information also suggest that the young lady may have damming information on some of the big wigs within the entire foreign affairs ministry and the gang of passport racketeers and so notwithstanding her alleged special support for the PM it is quite understandable that the head honchos within the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs are having great difficulties issuing  disciplinary actions against the young lady.

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