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The congregation of the  “Doctrine of Faith” in Rome, has reached a verdict in  the case of Fran Robin and the irreverent Tusty Tuss.  If you remember we broke the story of the sexual molestation and the cemetery arrest and the ensuing debacle two years ago. It is now coming to light that this political despot and fake clergy man had the robins arrested because of his lust for the wife and the knowledge that she was soon going to expose his criminal acts.
In Rome’s decision they have clamped invisible handcuffs on Tusty Tus. With untrusty Tus being over 75, the church cannot put him out on the streets which is where he rightfully belong. He will dorm in the a secular house with the other priests and not have an electronic gate to usher in his Haitian concubine.
 Although the statue of limitations for molestation visited upon  Mrs fran Robin by the irreverent Tus, the Vatican found her complaints do credible enough to apply a waiver so that  her complaints could be reviewed and decided as follows; 

a)      He is permanently banned from being a Parish Priest in Dominica or elsewhere (we say this as it has been alleged that he applied for positions in St. Kitts, St. Lucia and North America but he could not pass the vetting process.  As there is a black mark of sexual molestation and criminal acts  in his records)
b)      He was stripped of  his position as Vicar General – (This position is that of deputy Bishop in his absence) – This position is now PERMANENTLY being held by Mgr John Lewis

c)       He will no longer be the Chaplain of the Prison

d)      He will no longer be used as a Canon Lawyer (he is the one who prosecuted/persecuted

Fr. LaFleur and put the last nail in his coffin). Father Charplis is in his final months of training to be the next Canon Lawyer

e)      He will no longer sit on any official board or committee in the church hierarchy.  Even a novice priest will be able to sit in meetings and be appointed to boards.  Thomas finir bat!

f)       No more marriage encounter as that was his feeding ground

g)      No more divorce counseling as that was his primary recruitment station for illicit female goods

h)      He has been relegated to the role of dishwasher and toilet cleaner in the church.  E kar fou
Upon receiving the verdict from The Vatican  Tusty Tus started getting palpitations. And immediately heading to Cuba. But if you remember Tusty ran away when Mrs robin filed her complaint with Rome. Now that the verdict came back. He has again run away to Cuba this time

Also he who leaves by the sword MAY perish by the sword. The same weapon he visited upon Mrs robin as a minor and the same weapon he used to break up many marriages may be his demise. Upon arriving in Cuba his prostate started acting up. We at MITC wish him a speedy recovery so that he can return home to take his rightful place is society. A kakarat!
What He can still do:
Make mass if and when he is needed but only at the request of the bishop and under scrutiny and vigilance.  Any misstep during those times will have to be reported to the Doctrine of Faith for further disciplining.
Because of his tenure and age the church needs to provide him housing and food.

Of course, the job of the church is to protect their foot soldiers and so the spin is that 75 is the retirement age….Well let’s look at Cardinal Felix who is 85+ and has a parish and is a practicing priest, Fr Charles, Warner etc. all over 80 and some who died in service.  Were those charges not made against Eustace he would still be in St. Alphonsus on the campaign trail?
Also, Tusty Tuss in attempt to save face has been telling folks that he is “studying” to be another Doctor Doctor.  But alas, the Bishop refused the request.  Tusty Tuss needs to relax his sick mind.

 The Aftermath:
Currently Rev Tussy occupies an abandoned office in the Bishops house where he has no access to internet or his Haitian refugee.  It is alleged he may soon move in with Jennifer White who is a Poto supporter and one who even insulted the family of Ursula Williams during the funeral service, on behest of Tussy.  That is why he has asked Charles Savarin and PM Skerrit to ask for mercy on his behalf.  He is also in the process of filing a lawsuit against the church.  But the Cabal has neither oversight nor power over the Rome.  

What they do have power over, is building a small house for Tusty Tus…but because he is estranged from his family in Vieille Case and there are not enough bourgeois for him to go to beg for morsels in that community, there is a quandary as to where this home can be built for him and his Haitian refugee to live in perpetual bliss.  They may also need to get a stipend from the treasury as the refugee no longer is employed under the NEP -  The Haitian Carlene was employed at the very same establishment where the vagrant was burnt with hot water, but could not get along with the owners son who was about to dismiss her.  The owner of said establishment henceforth took Carlene the Haitian to work at her home in Morne Daniel under same NEP program.   Whilst the owner was away on business it is alleged that through surveillance she saw the irreverent reverend making daily visit to deliver the “BODY OF TUS” to his Haitian refugee .. For which she was fired forthwith.  That being said, with the rate of unemployment so high with the Dominican youth, why would the government allow an outsider to get privilege of a much needed job over a national? And why is NEP being used as helpers in personal homes?

 We are pleased to note that in the letter to the victim that the church, obliquely, by implication owned up to Tusty Tus criminal behavior by the heartfelt apology they rendered to the Robins and their family.
And we applaud them for that and thank Mrs. Robin for her strength, courage and determination to rid the community of Goodwil from such vermin.

 Let’s watch this unfold as it would appear that the very handcuffs he wanted for the Robins are now permanent restraints on Tussy for the rest of his life.

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  1. All of them going to prison. Will take the job to make their prison suits(in red).

  2. Judge not that you shall not be judged all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God .
    When your friend's beard is on fire you sprinkle tour's with water and you don't rejoice at other people's demise because you don't know when your turn will come and what it will be like just remember what goes around comes around and we all have to answer to God for our wicked and evil ways. May God have mercy on you all.


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