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Ever since Mas In The Cemetery released it’s first blockbuster blog ,“From Rags To Riches” people have been trying to figure out who is or what is MiTC. While we understand that it is only natural for human beings to be curious about the unknown it is even more intriguing that the acolytes of the Dominica Labour Party have been unrelenting in their pursuit of MiTC not just for the sake of demystifying the organization but with the hope of destroying an entity that continues to expose the activities of the crime syndicate operating as the government of Dominica.

While the Skerrit cabal is attempting to destroy and discredit the work that we do at MiTC, it is worth noting that the cabal is yet to respond to the many other scandals that we have reported. The accused international criminal and Ponzi scheme operator Pedro Forte Berbel, who was again hiding out and operating in Dominica, it was MiTC who exposed him and his affiliations with government officials and crooked DLP lawyers. We also reported on a $60,000 payment made by a lawyer for Pedro Fort on behalf of a government official. Today Pedro Forte is being prosecuted by the US court in Florida and in fact a number of lawyers right here in Dominica has had to cooperate with US investigation on matters related to Pedro’s criminal operation in Dominica. We can also state that MiTC had been contacted on several occasions by people from the US investigating Pedro’s activities in Dominica.

To the lawyers that were never identified as individuals on Pedro Fort’s payroll, MiTC knows a lot more than you think.

When MiTC published the article “Goodnight Irene Ross is Gone and Skerrit Promising Cruise Village” apologists like Cleville Mills, Clarence Christian and others on social media and on Kairi FM went on a rant and accused us of false reporting – they also accused us of trying to destroy Dominica. Two weeks after we published the article the PM with his brash attitude came on air to tell the people of Dominica “you will soon be hearing that Ross will not be returning to Dominica.”

It would be naïve for anyone to believe that the work that is produced by MiTC comes from one or two individuals. For the sake of our loyal readers and the many people including laborites who keep encouraging us to do the work of the people, MiTC is a network of patriotic Dominicans all of whom are very concerned about the state of governance in Dominica. Anyone interested in becoming part of MiTC is welcomed however we do have an extremely stringent vetting process and so not every application will be accepted.  What we mostly encourage at this juncture is that all whistle blowers wishing to expose government corruption please continue to patronize the MiTC network. Keep feeding our inboxes with the information, we will do the investigation. We appreciate the many contributions that we have received over the years. 

Chief among the DLP gestapo seeking to destroy MiTC is Anthony Astaphan. Assisting Tony is a  gweeve twemblad” (Ground Dove)  Dark and Lovely Clarence Christian but like a grizzly bear truth will come charging in. MiTC will not be intimidated. We believe that the sham investigation into the article “3 Days For Baby Sarah” is just another one of Tony’s directive to Daniel Carbon. Tony is more than elated to be fulfilling his dream of being a little Bashar Assad unleashing terror on the people of Dominica by living vicariously through Roosevelt Skerrit.  While Tony is stroking his ego the question is, does Rayburn Blackmoore really want an open investigation?  Rayburn Blackmoore certainly cannot be so arrogant to chase after his own tail cause like a maniku he will end up at midcourse stranded and hanging by his tail.  Mr. Blackmoore needs to know that there are other details not yet released and it may not be a very good idea to poke the hornets nest.

If Mr. Blackmoore really wants an investigation we encourage the people of Dominica and particularly the women of valor to demand an independent investigation and not some Tony Astaphan circus investigation. One of the questions that Mr. Blackmoore should be asked is whether or not he was confronted by the mother of the young lady after a beating incident.

By now every Dominican should understand that Antony Astaphan is only interested in fulfilling his ego, protecting his family interest and maintaining the financial benefits he derive from the party in government. Tony is not interested in whether Blackmoore gets trapped or further embarrassed. He has already succeeded in embarrassing a disemboweled police commissioner Daniel Carbon. Daniel Carbon’s reputation will remain forever tainted after Anthony Astaphan commanded him to conduct a criminal investigation of the opposition leader, Lennox Linton and when the investigation was concluded it was determined that the crime Mr. Linton was accused of  was actually committed by The devil himself, Anthony Astaphan himself.

We should also take note that Tony is quite selective with the matters that he babbles on. MiTC has on more than one occasion exposed the very corrupt government minister, Collin McIntyre. We exposed his association with the deceased Russian woman who ran the 8 Copthall operations. We also reported on a “passport money” resort project that was being pursued by Collin McIntyre and at the time the estranged husband of the same Russian woman. See the attached article. What did we hear from Tony Astaphan on the many articles we wrote about Collin McIntyre’s corruption? Not even a murmur

Daniel Carbon can you please do Tony a favour and investigate who from the Valley ate his cheese and stole his grinder.

When Tony clandestinely inserts himself into public discussion on matters of sexual and physical abuse of women, we know that "The devil himself "does not have a scintilla of concern for the battered women. What we would like to see from Tony Ataphan and his gang of detractors is some advocacy and concern for young underage girls who are being sexually exploited by grown men with influence and money in society. As an attorney is Tony willing to lead the conversation on amending the statute of limitation on rape cases?  MiTC will even suggest the idea of creating legislation to deal with rape cases and carnal knowledge of juveniles all the way back to the late 1970’s?    


With over 30,000 readers following MiTC, we are not daunted. We are continuing to uncover the filth that is buried in the cemetery and we are digging up those graves that are closely guarded by those in positions of authority and influence. It is because of our far reaching network of dedicated men and women that we are able to uncover crimes committed by a certain lawyer in Dominica. In our possession right now are very disturbing details of the same lawyer, who several years ago impregnated a young lady when she was at the age of 15. After impregnating the young lady that lawyer conveniently took the young lady to Antigua to have an abortion procedure done. We won’t be letting out any details at this point but what we can say for now is that a very high government official may be aware of the incident and if not there is no doubt that this government official is in a very ideal situation to verify and  confirm that MiTC is right on point.  Nuff said  

As we continue to look into the past behavior of this lawyer, we are noticing signs and patterns of a sexual predator, one who has been getting away with all kinds of egregious and erroneous behavior. We are sending a warning to this particular lawyer – we know that you are reading this, take warning, take warning.

MiTC also have the details and evidence of other very serious crimes committed by this lawyer and it just a matter of time before we put this lawyer on blast and his face next to that of R Kelly’s. Until then the clock is ticking for this lawyer. Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc………………Tic

Take Warning
You Better take warning
Take Warning
You Better be good. 

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