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 In the wake of the recent letter written by attorney  Lennox Lawrence to the attorney general  seeking to nullify the CCJ's ruling some are expressing outrage and surprise but Lennox Lawrence has shown us time after time that he like Anthony Astaphan is an abhorrent  thug that would do anything to upend the justice system in Dominica. The man , once a priest is excellent in moral turpitude.
 We wish to remind our viewers of this MiTC report regarding the unethical behavior of Lennox Lawrence in a 2018 court matter. Why is this man not debarred is astonishing .
MiTC Report
The sleazy works of Lennox Lawrence was again at center stage in a recent Eastern Caribbean court decision (September 2018 Claim No.DOMHCV2018/0009). In this court matter the Claimant Kinscorp Limited (“Kinscorp”) brought an action   by   way   of   a Claim   against   the   defendant   Remy   Lawrence for the recovery of $39,547.00. Remy Lawrence who was represented by his brother, attorney Lennox Lawrence was also at the material time, “the director of Kinscorp”  and was liable to it’s account. Stick a  pin in here – We are about to see that  Lennox Lawrence the magician..

In the claim against Remy Lawrence a sworn affidavit was presented by Mr. Jhonny Gregorio Griman (Griman) also a director of Kisncorp. Through Lennox Lawrence’s magical web of deception we now know that Griman is also the director of an offshore bank in Dominica, named Ibank. Griman in his affidavit claimed that Remy Lawrence was in breach of fiduciary duty and trust, when he withdrew $39,547.00 from the company’s account.

We also took some time to find out about Griman. We suspect that Jhonny Gregorio Griman is also the same Jhonny Gregorio Griman (Gonzalez) who is Venezuelan by nationality. We also found out that Griman got a divorce in 2013, the same year that Ibank was domiciled in Dominica. (See Dominica’s financial Service Unit (FSU) web site). For the records it was not Lennox Lawrence who leaked Griman’s Divorce information to MiTC.

From Eucharist to Legal Bobolist
Lennox Lawrence acting as defense attorney filed what is referred to as an Ancillary Claim on behalf of his brother and client Remy Lawrence. In the ancillary submission Lennox Lawrence took the decision to named the same Ibank Corporation (“Ibank”) and Kinscorp Limited as the ancillary defendants. In what appears to be a reverse claim Lennox Lawrence declared the following.

(1)Kinscorp is the alter ego of Ibank; (in other words kinscorp is Ibank
(2)Ibank is the principal of Kinscorp for the purpose of settling Ibank’s financial responsibilities
(3)Ibank is beneficially entitled to the monies on the bank account held by Kinscorp;
(4)Ibank is entitled to monies paid by Remy Lawrence on behalf of both Kinscorp and Ibank.

Lennox Lawrence on behalf of Remy Lawrence sort an  order from the court  to justify that “the  monies  claimed  and held   by   Kinscorp   were properly  utilized  for  the  settlement  of  Ibank’s  financial obligations and that included the legal retainer owed by Ibank.” Through all of Lennox Lawrence’s magic the questions that should come to mind at this point are -
Who is that lawyer retained by Ibank? 
To whom does IBank owe the financial obligations? 

We are about to see the chameleon,Lennox Lawrence playing multiple roles in what could be great  Hollywood script. !!!

In response to the ancillary claim filled on the behalf of Remy Lawrence, the court agreed that Remy Lawrence did not show or prove that he is entitled to a remedy against the applicant, Kinscorp (Griman). The court stated “It is contended that the remedies which Remy Lawrence is seeking in the ancillary claim are  not  remedies  to  assuage  any  wrong  meted  out  to  him  and  in  the  circumstances,  Remy Lawrence   has   failed   to   state   a   case   against   the applicants   that   is   known   or recognizable in the law.“  Lennox Lawrence magic hit a snag

Caught Red Handed- Yo chebais Chuckie
In response to the ancillary claim by Remy Lawrence, the counsel for the applicant, Heather Felix Evans submitted that Remy Lawrence is really a “proxy claim” on behalf of Lennox Lawrence. Essentially Remy Lawrence through his attorney Lennox Lawrence was trying to justify his action by presenting to the court that the $39,547.00 that was taken out of Kinscorp’s account was really money retained by Kinscorp lawyer and that lawyer is Lennox Lawrence himself. Was it really Remy Lawrence who withdrew that money?  You decide !!! 

 In light of the skulduggery , double dealing and furious ethical violation by Lennox Lawrence , Heather Felix Evans also recommended that it is improper for him to represent Remy Lawrence in the suit.  Even the very incontinent Adventist, Cleville Mills would agree that this kind of behavior is just as bad as a senior police officer "sweeping" $40,000 out in a garbage bin.

In issuing it’s decision the court stated “It  is  concerning  to  note  that  the  statements  made  in  the  statement  of  claim (by Kinscorp) do not  all refer to the actions of Remy Lawrence but that of Learned Counsel Lennox Lawrence. In other words it would appear to this court  that  Remy Lawrence  is presenting  to  this  court  in  his  ancillary  statement  of  claim  that  it  is  counsel (Lennox Lawrence) “and  not Remy Lawrence who took certain actions  based on a debt to counsel “(Lennox Lawrence) “ 

The court went on to say that Remy has no right being in a rift with Griman and his Kinscorp, as Remy Lawrence has not indicated that there is any money owed to him  personally. It is reasonable to conclude that the “certain action” as referenced by the court is presumably the withdrawal of $39,547.00 from Kinscorp bank account.
According to the court, the entire matter was all a Lennox Lawrence set up with his brother Remy Lawrence either voluntarily or involuntarily playing the part of the mule. The judge opined that “ It  is  clear  from  the  case  at  bar  that  whatever  actions  Remy Lawrence  took  regarding  the funds  belonging  to  Kinscorp  can  constitute  a  defense  to  the  claim  made  out  against him.  However it is inconceivable as to how he can seek to bring an ancillary  claim against the applicants  for  a  debt  which  he  claims  is  owed  by  them  to  Counsel  Mr. Lennox Lawrence."

We have seen in other unrelated matters evidences and examples of Lennox Lawrence’s crafty deception and the webs of deception that he creates. One can only wonder what if Lennox Lawrence had not been a catholic priest before becoming this sleazy attorney. It was the same attorney Lennox Lawrence who once declared on Kairi FM radio that the Roosevelt Skerrit regime should hunt down the opposition members like the Obama administration hunt and destroy members of al-Qaida. Lennox Lawrence also once said that Dominica is better off receiving aid (begging) than getting involved in trade.

In in addition to selling passports Lennox Lawrence is heavily involved in the questionable ship registry operation by the government of Dominica.

The conduct by Lennox Lawrence in the said court matter does not only amplify the need for more scrutiny of the offshore banking sector, there is also the problem whereby goons and cronies of the DLP administration have been blatantly operating all kinds of nefarious schemes knowing that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration itself does not have the moral authority to rein in corruption and lawlessness particularly among their cronies.

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