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In a statement made in New York during a DLP meeting ,Ian Douglas claimed that since the passage of Hurricane Maria, all damaged and missing roofs in Dominica   have been restored and that ALL Dominicans got their roofs restored without spending a penny on labor and material. Even the well programed Labor Party cheerleaders at the gathering in New York knew that Ian was being incredibly dishonest yet they applauded. Some people are suggesting that Ian might have had a few drinks as customary however we have no evidence to suggest that he was inebriated. 

Another theory out there is that Ian might have been lost in his own personal theater and experience in private dwelling construction, as he has been trying to build a house for himself for the past 10 years and has been doing so on “Koudmere” which is the colloquial phrase for community service and that allegedly ,Ian has been depending on building materials that conveniently fall off trucks delivering materials for Central and local government projects that are being done by a favored DLP contractor named Double OH in Portsmouth. We understand that on several occasions young men who have been riding the material delivery trucks and are aware that material falls off the trucks onto Ian’s property in Grange Portsmouth would return to steal the material and then Ian would have to wait for the next round of stray building material thus delaying the project completion.  A classic case of “Volere Vollais Volere” and Ian can't complaint or call the police

Ian Douglas continues to be an enigmatic political character in this entire Roosevelt Skerrit crime syndicate. He is affable yet particularly annoying with his foolish utterances and betrayal of the Labor Party legacy and that of his family, particularly his Dad Mike and Uncle Rosie. Although we condemn corruption in all places and will continue to expose the corrupt politicians ,we compare Ian’s political career to that of his colleagues and we cant help but wonder - is Ian as avaricious and selfish as his other cabinet  colleagues but would rather not flaunt the ill-gotten wealth like Skerrit and others?  Is he honest and hence the reason he has been struggling to have a house of his own or Is Ian just too timid and eviscerated to demand his rightful place and share in the loot? One thing for sure is that inherently Ian has enough political capital available to him to assert himself and either stop the corruption, mayhem and decay that Skerrit continues to impose on our country or he can simply become as brazenly amoral, flamboyantly wealthy and conniving as the man he has been following for 15 years. 

It’s been 10 years since Ian started building his private dwelling house in the Grange area of Portsmouth. The road to that property has not been  “Donkey Cart worthy for many years yet not for personal or even communal reason that Ian saw it fit to demanded the restoration of the roadway leading up to his property. The other cabinet colleagues have done it.Since he began construction of his dwelling house  Ian has been depending on “organized Braff Cookouts” (Koudmere)among his friends and associates to provide construction labor.  Now contrast Ians ambition with that of his flamboyant and boldface colleagues in the cabinet all of whom have hired contractors even, from overseas to construct their buildings: 

Roosevelt Skerrit constructed 8 Villas and put them on Bubbles name plus a mansion in Vielle Case and another mansion being built for him in Morne Daniel by a passport dealer; But Ian still building!!!  

Reginald Austrie built and expanded his empire with several houses (We may one day ask Reggie and the Cabinet why the owner of a green house close to the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth was receiving government checks to cover the rent for a young who lived at that property. While Ian still waiting for Double Oh !!!

We also have Baby Sarah’s daddy who own several buildings notwithstanding the building he purchased for his concubine. Ian still waiting for relief supply trucks!!

Collin McIntyre himself has hatched out a chunk of the Roseau Valley for himself and has walked away with over 250 passports as his retirement and backing for for his resort project. We are asking our readers to stay tune as we are about to unload the details of Collin McIntyre’s operation named  VITAL DEVELOPMENT LTD (VD LTD).  

Even when we consider the mysterious wealth  developed among some of the “hanger Ons” of the Skerrit Crime syndicate –the creepy lawyers, Kapitalizing One, Citizen By Investment coordinator, the Anichi gang et al Ian Douglas seemingly does not match up. According to Karessa “Ian Dog continues to be last.  

Portsmouth Youth Center
For whatever reason Ian made such an outrageous statement in New York, let’s hope that he will be man enough to recant his statement and if by any chance he was inebriated at the time, we trust that in his sobriety he will understand the gravity of his statement when so many people are still roofless and struggling in Dominica. We are asking Ian Douglas to go take a look at the Portsmouth Town Council Building(photo above) and also the Youth Center in Portsmouth. Ian Douglas may also want to ask the Mayor of Portsmouth Mr.Titus Francis, why the Town Council Building and the office of the mayor is in such a dilapidated condition when the PM Skerrit personally made the Mayor of Portsmouth the person in charge of handling and distributing building materials from the hurricane relief location in the Longhouse area of Portsmouth.

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