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Anyone listening to Reginald Austrie on the taped recording admitting that the Baby Sarah tragedy was indeed a reality and that the entire cabinet knew about Blackmoore’s ruthless behavior, would think that Austrie was just reacting to the MiTC article entitled “3 Days For Baby Sarah. We do have a surprise for you-the confession that we have all heard from Reginald Austrie  began way before MiTC released the said article. 

Following the Baby Sarah expose we saw how much the entire cabinet and their spin doctors were focused on protecting the Minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmoore and that their main objective was to discredit and persecute MiTC. They also foolishly harassed Trevor Johnson. During their relentless effort to bury the truth we kept warning that there are more embarrassing details that could be released to the public and voila Austrie is on tape confessing. Let it be known that this confession by Austrie’s is just one of the many other surprises that are in store and so hopefully the spinning clowns like Tony Astaphan, Clarence Christian and Gee Joseph will take warning and avoid repeatedly making fools of themselves. Reginald Austrie should be wondering what else is out there.

In this very revealing confession, Reginald Austrie repeatedly referenced the name Orlando and rightfully so many people are asking who is Orlando. At this juncture we don’t think it is necessary to reveal or focus on the identity of the person Orlando however what we can say is that Orlando is a government employee and he is the person who in our Baby Sarah/Blackmoore expose was harassed by Blackmore and his rogue police officer while on a on a date with Blackmore’s concubine. Visit (  Our  MiTC investigators have never met or even interacted with the person Orlando however we do have a fair idea who he is thanks to Reginald Austrie who on other occasions has provided very graphic and disparaging descriptions of the same Orlando. In the words of Austrie himself " "Reggie Boy behave yourself". Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc. 

We believe that it is very important to let the people of Dominica know that Austrie's recorded confession really began after MiTC sent out two warnings;one in the form of a letter to PM Skerrit asking him to investigate a cabinet member who had been accused of battering women and specifically his concubines.( After the warning letter and the PM's failure to respond we released the second warning in the form of  meme (meme shown above). It was from there that Austrie and some of his colleagues realized that MiTC knew what they themselves already knew about Blackmoore’s extra marital relationship; they also knew of Baby Sarah's mom.

Realizing that  MiTC was about to blow down the walls of Jericho, Austrie who was at the time acting Prime Minister summoned the government employee Orlando to his office for an interrogation. They thought that Orlando was responsible for leaking the story and it was based on this suspicion that Austrie had the harshest things to say about Orlando. 

With the warning details that was attached to the MiTC meme, Austrie and his colleagues knew exactly who they wanted to talk to- very much like when  Tony Astaphan ran to interview Siko Seko and Steven Isidore right after the  GON Emmanuel’s home was firebombed.  If Blackmoore was as innocent and ecclesiastical as Catherine Daniel why then did they immediately call Orlando in for questioning right after the meme was released? It is quite obvious that Austrie and the rest of the cabinet knew what was going on.

After confirming that Orlando was not the source of the leak sadly the cabinet decided that the tragedy of Baby Sarah was irrelevant and that the state resources should be spent on hunting down MiTC , persecuting Trevor Johnson  while covering up for Blackmoore's brutality..  

Now that we have all heard from Reginald Austrie that the cabinet knew of Blackmoore’s extramarital dalliances, his battered concubines and his mysterious wealth ,we should now be asking Skerrit why is Blackmoore still in his cabinet when Ian Pinard was asked to resign as a result of alleged carnal behavior towards a minor? Is it because Skerrit is afraid of Blackmoore or is it just because the Skerrit Family Party (SFP)knows that unlike the Soufriere constituency the Mahuat Constituency would not be a sure win for the SFP in a Bi-election;  Just imagine the optics and repurcussions of over 300 imported votes just to win a bi-election. 

Although Reginald Austrie’s is the last person anyone of us would turn to for moral guidance, his confession be it through devine intervention, forced or unforced error  gives us the opportunity to search within and to remind ourselves that when our children think of fairness, integrity and honor they should think of us the parents and adults. Are we still willing to sell our souls for impenitent characters whose sole purpose is to stay in power by any means necessary or are we ready to stand up and say enough?   

In the mean time Rest In Peace Baby Sarah  Reginald  Austrie with the help of Orlando have spoken the truth on your behalf.

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