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The above photo is indeed another reminder of the ruins and the devastation caused by the Hurricane Maria in September of 2017 however this photo is more than just a memorobilia of Hurricane Maria , this photo now reinforces the magnitude of the  flawed voters list in Dominica and it also highlights the blatantly malicious behavior of people like Gerald Burton, Kondwani Williams, Alick Lawrence and Anthony Astaphan as they seek to stage yet another unfair election in Dominica. 

The derelict single family residential building shown in the photo is at the address 34 Murphys Lane in Goodwill ,Roseau North constituency. While perusing the voters list the address 34 Murphys Lane caught our attention. As it is, the current voters list shows that there are 20 registered voters living at 34 Murphys Lane in Goodwill. Abscence of any partisan biases and political machinations any reasonable person  would want to find out -how is that possible. 

We want to make it clear that we are by no means suggesting that the address is used for deceptive voter registration. In fact it may very well be that all twenty individuals may have lived at the address at some point in time. What we would like to highlight is that 34 Murphy Lane presents conclusive evidence that the voters list is vulnerable to gross illegal voter registration and voter fraud. 

 From the 20 registered voters shown at 34 Murphys Lane in Goodwill there are 7 members of the Blaize family. We were able to confirm that the Blaize family who once occupied the building has been gone for a very long time- most of them have migrated. The voters list also shows that since the Blaize family, several other families or individuals have been registered at 34 Murphys Lane. Those families or individuals also no longer live at the location

At a time when the inflated and bogus voters list has become a major factor in the fight for electoral reform in Dominica the appearance of 20 voters registered at a small single family house in Goodwill should intensify the indignation that already exist. The irregularity at 34 Murphys Lane is a microcosm of  what is awfully wrong with the composition of the voters list. What is embarrassingly obvious is that the 20 voters registered at 34 Murphys Lane in Goodwill cannot be validated by the electoral office as none of these people actually live at that location. Some have migrated, others may have moved to other locations in Dominica and without valid voter identification and a cleansed list anyone of the 20 voters could reappear in the system either at different addresses or even on a different name as a result of a change in marital status. 

There are countless stories of suspicious voting during the elections of 2009 and 2014. We have spoken to two Dominicans overseas who have confirmed that in 2014 they were brought in to vote in areas that they have never lived in. Gerald Burton and cohorts would rather pay a blind eye to the polluted voters list and the possibility of another  adulterated election simply because the list as it stands facilitates the DLP’s malicious intensions. The perpetuation of the tainted voters list presents the opportunity for  the DLP to secure another term in office where Gerald Burton and the cabal can gaurantee their positions at the feeding trough and RSVP their invitation to the cesspool party.
It must be noted that 34 Murphys Lane is just one of the many addresses that have become a concern and with the DLP providing passports to Haitians upon arrival in Dominica, the opposition and the Concern Citizens Movement must be on the lookout for those spurious voter addresses and the strategic placement of illegal voters in constituencies where the DLP candidates are behind in the polls. 

To Be Forewarned Is To Be Forearmed. Take Warning!!!!

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