Friday, October 18, 2019


In spite of all the ridiculous and laughable spins by the Labor Party apologists it is quite clear to us that Dumb and Dumber-Richard “Terry Baron” Henry and Joseph “Dollar Store Suit” Boll came to Dominica at the behest of Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party to conduct operation “Deux Couyon”. Thanks to the brilliant presentation by the opposition leader Lennox Linton.

There is no doubt that Dumb and Dumber had coordinators on the ground in Dominica. In addition this operation “Deux Couyon “definitely cost a hefty “Kool Out “and we know who owns the “kool Out” Bank in Dominica. The sole purpose of operation “Deux Couyon “was to completely destroy Lennox Linton’s credibility and then Skerrit would seize the opportunity and immediately call the election. Like Grant in St Kitts Lennox would have had no chance to recover.

Now that we know that Dumb and Dumber were in Dominica on the behalf of Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party, we should not forget that there is a third point of the triangle. We are talking about the foreign passport interest group t who was involved in organizing the botched operation. After all Skerrit did not find these dumb criminals in the yellow pages in London, even if one of them was wearing a suite from the Dollar Store or unless one of the “Couyons” borrowed the suit from Shanks Esprit. We also know for a fact that there are foreign passport agents desperately involved in determining our representatives in the government of Dominica. 

After going through a series of text messages between anticorruption activist Trevor Johnson and what seem to be representatives of a certain passport agency we notice that the alias name “Terry” was used. In this one particular conversation someone using the alias name “Jack Sparrow” and purporting to represent a passport agent was very concerned that Trevor Johnson may be in possession of very incriminating and damaging text messages between PM Skerrit and that passport agent. “Jack Sparrow “ wanted Trevor Johnson to meet someone in London by the name of Terry. The purpose of the meeting was to essentially make a deal with Trevor and to make those damaging text messages disappear. Note also that the text conversation took place on April 22 nd and Terry Baron and Boll came to Dominica less than a month after -May 18. Coincidence????

Note very well that in the attached text message Jack Sparrow is inviting Trevor Johnson to come make a deal in London and that Jack Sparrow is claiming to be representing someone with the initials AH. Everyone please clear your throat. Hmmmmm Hmmmmmm

For clarity MiTC does not know who AH is and we are not making any suggestions or assumptions either. Maybe Shanks "shook bwois” Esprit knows who these guys are. Or maybe we should ask the genius loud mouth who cannot keep his portion or in colloquial pronunciation “Porshan” on his plate away from Collin McIntyre

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