Monday, October 21, 2019


Under law no one person or citizen should be assigned more than one lot where the government has undertaken the distribution of state land for housing development. MiTC has been reliably informed that Angus McIntyre the brother of Government Minister Dr. Collin McIntyre has been given 4 lots amounting to over an acre of land in the government housing development scheme in the Warner area. Our information indicates that each lot assigned to Angus McIntyre is over 10,000 sq. ft. whereas the standard size for lots distributed under government programs is about 3000 sq. ft.

We want to challenge the government apologists on this matter and in addition we want the people of Dominica to ask Angus McIntyre, who is also a government employee, why is he entitled to 4 lots in the government housing scheme. If Angus won’t answer the question go to the government Housing Department or Land and surveys and ask the very same question.

This land grabbing attitude  comes as no surprise to us .We are also aware of the fact that a few years ago the current attorney general Levi Peter was able to purchase a portion of land from the government in the very same area for a very sweetheart deal.

MiTC also first broke the story that Government Minister Collin McIntyre in Joint Venture with the enigmatic 8 Copthall Roseau Valley operation were assigned close to 300 passports for the development of a resort in the Valley and like the other passport selling development projects the people of Dominica will have no ownership of these resort development in the Valley.

You are also hearing for the first time that Vital Development Ltd a company owned by Collin McIntyre has also purchase a large parcel of government land in the Valley area. The land acquired includes portion of the Midland Fall welcome area. In fact the changing facility at the midland fall is all part of the land deal. Again we dare the DLP apologists to deny these allegations.

Collin McIntyre has proven time and time again that he is selfish and greedy. He is only about building his own empire – We know that Collin McIntyre in collaboration with his brother in the United States and PM Skerrit had hatched out the Garbage Bin Bobol scheme. The public also witnessed the blunt of McIntyre’s avarice during the distribution of the Hurricane relief supplies.

If Collin McIntyre can go as far as to eat the Senior Counsel’s portion ( Colloquially pronounced Porsha-an) from his plate – a senior counsel who makes an “arse” of himself just to insure that Collin McIntyre’s remains in government, what else do we expect from Collin McIntyre.

The people of Dominica and specifically the people of the Valley must teach these scammers a valuable lesson. The DLP candidate for the Valley area Dr. Irvin McIntyre who will be replacing his brother Collin McIntyre is just another implant for the continuation of this greed and self-enrichment that Collin MCIntyre seem to have perfected. Enough of the looting while the people are forced to beg and are even subject themselves to humiliation for cool outs. Stop the McIntyres

Foot Notes 
In the interim we are asking the people of Dominica and even the region to prepare your popcorn, start cooking your “braff”, make sure your phones or tablets are properly charged. MiTC will be exposing the filth, betrayal and the abuse of power within the government circles. It's another  tale of  sexual abuse and harassment of women and we will better understand why Blackmoore's Baby Sarah matter  was swiftly protected by the DLP – Satan cannot correct sin

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