Thursday, November 7, 2019


While the government of Dominica is running up the overdraft at the National Bank, Dominicans are suffering the indignity of mass unemployment ,people still under tarpaulins and the harrowing impact of the Ross University departure , the PM and the Dominica Labor Party are again mobilizing and spending millions of dollars to bring illegal voters in to rig the election.
We have in our possession a list of individuals who have been bribed and recruited to travel to Dominica from St Thomas. According to our very credible sources the persons allegedly involved in recruiting the imported voters are a Dominican Taxi Driver by the name of Owen Prospere seen in the red cap, Laureen Bannis and a few other Dominicans living in St Thomas. Our information also indicates that these recruiters   have been organizing since September and they have been meeting at Laureen Bannis’ home and sometimes at a trailer.
We can also state that the Laureen Bannis and Owen Prospere gang allegedly approached a pilot by the name of Franky Tongue to use a small plane to fly the recruited voters into Dominica. It is alleged that a ONE WAY fee of US $4000 was discussed and agreed. That fee is just for the pilot, the cost of equipment a flight charges etc  is a separate and humongous cost. Essentially Franky Tongue would be paid US $8000 for every trip made to Dominica. 

The attached list is an excerpt from a book filled with the names and personal information of the recruited voters .Notice that even the body weights of the recruits are included in Owen Prospere’s hand written notes. The body weight is required for the chattered flight details. 
A few of the names listed: 
Magarita Prospere Dagou: Passport # R0......712 Date Of Birth 20 January 1971

Prospere Josette: Passport #R....1 Green Card #0..09

Mathew Monelle Passport R0......823 Date Of Birth 13 December 1983 Green Card #.......989

William Maynard Passport #R0..302 Green Card #R....302

Derrick Bougouneau: Passport #R..06193 Body Weight 170 lbs DOB: 8/15/1969

Glenroy Bastien Passport #5...0306 DOB: 5 October 1978 Body Weight 170 lbs.

Judith Joseph Passport # R0.... DOB 10 January 1970 Body Weight 180 lbs.

Henry Kemore Passport # C...94880 DOB 18 May 1974

Earlin Esprit Smith   Passport # ......6072  Body Weight 193 lbs.

Alexander Beau Pierre Passport# R0....711 Body Weight 201 Lbs.

Erickson Riley Rodney Passport# C.....4308

Agatha Turnbull Passport#........443 Body Weight 150Lbs

James Esprit Passport#R...3206 Body Weight 180 lbs.

Erickson Rodney Riley DOB 5 may 1980 Passport#R.........442

Julien Hillary  DOB: 8 April 1956 Passport #R...416 Green Card#0......6838

Laudat Boniface DOB 5 June 1951 Passport#R.......   ....1607 Green Card # .....4 F42
Lawrence Franklyn DOB4 July 1943 Passport #.......325

Thomas Simon DOB 10 July 1948 Passport# ..... 918

Georgr Pligh Steven DOB 5 October 1980 Passport #.....563

Bernary Louis DOB 26 August 1939

Ashworth Cuffy ---------

This is just a section of the list in Owen Prospere and Laureen Bannis’ log of recruited voters. We will post the others in the near future. In the mean time we are sending the names and passport information to the state department.  It cannot be talk as usual Dominicans must take control of Skerrit and his determination to steal another election.  It is now or never- The people must take the power away from this dictator. 

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