Friday, October 25, 2019


The alleged involvement of the Special Branch Police Officers in facilitating   Richard Lloyd Henry(Terry Baron) and his partner Joseph Boll did not come as a surprise to us at all because we have seen the rampant corruption within the Dominica Police force. Richard Lloyd Henry (Terry Baron) and his partner Joseph Boll are the two dumb criminals from the UK hired by Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party to frame the opposition leader Lennox Linton. With a corrupt government controlling a puppet police commissioner and his politically selected senior police officers the Dominica Police force has become a disgrace. Unfortunately there may not be enough Clorox in the PM's office to disinfect the Police organization. 

In one of our recent articles Caught In Police Corruption...., we reported that Dillan Jacobs age 40 of St Vincent had been murdered by the Dominica Police. We also revealed that the police involved in the immediate investigation were guilty of planting a gun on the dead body. According to our credible sources, trigger happy Clinton Hiliare who heads the security detail for the Prime Minister, lead a group of police officers on a drug operation in Margot, February 15 2019. The operation ended with Dillan Jacobs being shot several times by the police and from all accounts it appears that it was cold blooded murder .

An internal police investigation identified officer Clinton Hilaire as the police officer allegedly responsible for planting the gun on the dead body. When confronted by internal investigation, officer Clinton Hilaire boldly stated that he acted on the instruction of Superintendent Joseph Williams. We understand that Joseph Williams has very close ties to the political directorates. 

In our previous article we also showed the photo taken by the police immediately following the shooting incident. Notice in that photo (Photo 1) Jacobs’s shirt is lifted above his waist to just below his chest. Now compare that photo with another photo also taken by the police. That photo (Photo 2) now shows Jacobs shirt pulled all the way down to his waist line. But look closely (ZOOM IN )-there is a gun tucked into his waist band and covered by the shirt.  

We can confirm that specific instructions were given to plant that gun and to then take photos all in an effort to falsify the police report. "Dead men tell no tale" however we hope that police officers like Sergeant Dasey and the false prophet and preacher officer Valerie examine their consciences.

Dillion Jacobs was murdered and the police report was falsified. Daniel Carbon and his usual gang of bandit officers are now grappling with a way forward for the case. As promised we will follow through with a report to United Nation human rights council for what is obviously an act of extra-judicial killing by Daniel Carbon and his Dominica Police Force. We will also update Dillan’s Family in St Vincent

On account of this extra-judicial killing, the minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmoore should also resign and we recommend that the Prime Minister of Dominica provide some Clorox to disinfect the entire police organization.

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