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In our creole folklore there is this powerful cliché that saysCochon Bwen wom, Mouton su et Kabwit  ka payais pous saThe English translation-The pigs drank the rum, the Sheep got drunk and the goats are paying the price. Roosevelt Skerrit the wanna-be dictator is that pig who keeps drinking all the rum, the vanguard of civil society end up drunk and the entire country suffers.

The first sign of  Roosevelt Skerrit’s dictatorial tendencies was that email he sent to his hired private architect Supryah Singh in 2006. In that email he instructed Supryah that the mansion that she was designing for him at the time should by all means out do that of the Nassiefs. What was most alarming then was that less than three years after becoming the prime minister the young man who came into politics as broke as an “Vere Tere” (earthworm), not even a fowl cage to his name and deliberately writing bounce checks, was anxious to present to the public his mysterious wealth beginning with a mansion that had to outclass any mansion possessed by the wealthy Nassiefs in Dominica.

The fact that he was willing to flaunt his mysterious and ambiguous wealth two years into the prime ministerial position suggested that he didn’t care about the optics and in his mind he was unassailable and accountable to no one.

We knew then that we had a Wanna-Be dictator in the office of prime minister of Dominica. Red flags were tossed and concerned citizens called for a check on the wanna-be dictator but as Dominica folklore puts it “Mouton Su” – essentially people supposedly of good principle and valor, bishops, pastors, priest, lawyers all went into drunken lunacy pretending  not to be aware of the blatant threatening tendencies of the wanna-be dictator Roosevelt Skerrit..

The wanna-be dictator  continued to push the envelope of greed, corruption and lies but experience has thought us that dictators are not self-made. They are incubated in cesspools populated by parasitic lackeys, boot-lickers, mediocre sycophants and disgusting Mopyons such as Anthony Astaphan who come in to feed of the scum and filth while protecting the wanna-be dictator.

Studies have shown that almost all dictators have a chronic urge to unabashedly parade unscrupulous wealth and they do so merely to compensate for their  insecurity syndrome and to massage the psychopathic mentality that they are accountable to no one and are some sort of Devine gift to the people.

How The Vere Tere Become a Peacock
Skerrit has not disappointed us in that regard. While the mansion that was suppose to outshine the Nassiefs was in construction, the Wanna-Be dictator was also building 8 Villas in Savanne Pailles, estimated at more than $8 million. 

Skerrit also went on to acquired prime real estate properties throughout the island and on two occasions his corrupt attorney and water carrier Steven “Sweet Ginger” Isidore with knowledge of the wanna-be dictator short changed the treasury on the property taxes. Recently it was discovered that the Wanna-Be Dictator’s wife Melissa Skerrit did the same thing for a property in Morne Daniel which she undervalued by $20 per square foot.

Dictators are bound only by their own interpretation of rules and regulations. They believe that the public treasury is inextricably tied to their private bank accounts and their insatiable desire for material possession becomes an incurable disease. Evidence also showed that the Wanna-Be Dictators also operated a multimillion Dollar slush fund through the same Steven “Sweet Ginger” Isidore.

The audacious fertilizer and garbage bin “bobol,” the selling of diplomatic passports to dodgy characters and the misappropriation of over $1.2 billion of passport revenues are just a few other examples confirming the exploits of the wanna-be dictator.

Dictators and Wanna-Be dictators also have a penchant for glamour and pageantry. Gadhafi, Idi Amin, Hosni Mubarak, Duvalier, just to name a few. These dictators were never shy about flaunting the world’s most expensive clothing, jewelry, automobiles, wine, cigars- whatever material things that portray them as entitled superb human beings. Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa have not been shy about their high end shopping preferences we have seen the $5000 Versace shirts, the wife’s designer purses and outfits, the BMW sport car compliments NG Lap Seng, High Rise apartment in New York City and sending his son to the most expensive high school in New York City while the people have to accept the sub standard accommodation at the public schools in Dominica.

The handing out of cash at the Red Clinic is all about the wanna-be dictator’s ego and the overwhelming desire for love and adoration- nothing to do with genuine love for people. 

The Morne Daniel palace with the $64000 per month housing allowance at a time of economic upheaval is very much in keeping with the fact that dictators also possess an insatiable appetite for hoarding illicit wealth and the psychopathic arrogance to go with it. The $64000 per month housing allowance in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis is bad enough but the development and construction of the Morne Daniel mansion began right after the devastation of hurricane Maria – when thousands of people were roofless and desperate.

A Rolls Royce For the Palace Would Be No Surprise.
Rolls Royce Document
At this point nothing that the wanna-be dictator does to compensate for his insecurities and incompetence should surprise us. The purchase of a third honorary doctorate is quite possible.

If a Rolls Royce pops up on the scene at the Morne Daniel palace that too would not be surprising. In fact a Rolls Royce at the Morne Daniel palace would only confirm information that we received in 2016 from our reliable sources in Malaysia. Dominica’s disgraced ambassador and convicted criminal Alireza Monfared owned a Rolls Royce in Spain. Just in case the cesspool parasites and the Mopyon Tony try to spin this -See the attached document and photos. The lady next to Monfared in the Rolls Royce is the one who accompanied him in Dominica- the organize crime syndicate in Dominica know her.  

Interior of the Rolls Royce
According to our sources in Malaysia in true “Hungry Hyena” fashion “Skerrit saw Ali (short for Alireeza Monfared) with the Rolls Royce and said to Ali I need one of those and Ali told him you can have it – it’s yours.” 

We were also told that further discussions were held regarding the shipping of the Rolls Royce to Dominica however our Malaysian sources could not confirm whether or not the Rolls Royce was ever shipped out of Spain. We were also unable to verify whether or not the Rolls Royce landed in Dominica. One thing for we know that the wanna-be dictator wanted that Rolls Royce in Dominica. 

The no law no constitution statement by Skerrit was by no means lapsus linguae- Slip of the tongue. The Greek orator Demosthenes once wrote “Every dictator is an enemy of freedom and an opponent of laws.”  The Dominica folklore Cochon Bwen wom, Mouton su et Kabwit  ka payais pous sa” supports conventional wisdom that dictators with their populist demagoguery are able to bewitch a broad section of a population and while a chunk of the population is seduced into a drunken stupor lives are wrecked and economies destroyed- Kabwit ka Payais pous sa.

In the words of William Faulkner, “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world … would do this, it would change the earth.” 

Those still pretending to be drunk - It is time to stop pretending.  

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