Thursday, July 16, 2020


For the last 2-3 weeks we have been having public discussions on the future of LIAT, air access and how are we going to secure and possibly finance a reliable air service provider for Dominica. It is quite strange that throughout all this discussion we heard nothing about a recently acquired US $13 Million concessionary loan from the World Bank for the purpose of airport enhancement. Did Skerrit mention anything about that loan on his Sunday talk? 

Here is something to add to the discussion and to force the government to come clean with the public.

Four Caribbean countries (Dominica, St Lucia, Grenada & Haiti) have benefited from the World Bank first ever financing of airport projects in the Caribbean. Under this loan agreement Dominica received $13 Million, St Lucia- $45 Million and Grenada-$17 Million. All of which received a 40 year maturity period and a grace period of 10 years. Haiti on the other hand received a grant $84 Million  

According to the World Bank statement the purpose of the loan is “to improve safety and airport resilience readiness to natural disasters, and to strengthen the capacity of agencies handling air transportation operations and airport investment planning. Navigation and safety equipment will be improved, enabling emergency landing in case of natural disasters and increasing capacity in air traffic control, wildlife management, airport management and planning.” The World Bank also explained that the loan facility “will enable countries to better accommodate diverted flights, emergency landings and post-disaster relief."

The director of the World Bank also stated that the funding would also support the islands during the post pandemic recovery.

With $13 Million in hand should the government put some of that money into revamping LIAT or should the government put the money into securing an alternate air service provider?

One thing for sure none of that money goes towards paying the Prime Minister $32000 per month to reside in a palace that he allegedly owns.

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