Monday, July 13, 2020


A few days after Reginald Austrie came out in defense of Skerrit $32000 per month rent at what is alleged to be a palace owned by PM Skerrit we received in our inbox an invitation by someone in Cottage constituency to come visit the Cotton Hill housing project.

Upon arriving in the Cottage constituency we were offered an escort someone with a wonderful personality however very fearful of retaliation and victimization and as such our escort wants to remain anonymous. However concerned the escort stated “ I want to take thing off my chess especially after reading MassInTheCemetery (MiTC) about Reginald Austrie using government checks to pay rent for his lady friend who was living in the house near Benjamin’s park. I know about that but I also know somethings about Cotton Hill....”  We wanted to know as well so we headed for Cotton Hill overlooking the Purple Turtle Beach.

As we traversed the Cotton Hill housing area our escort started pointing out apartments that were handed out to people and those apartments that people in the community believe were handed out to people undeserving of government housing. We were told for example that two women one living in the United States for more than 30 name Alison and the other the Virgin Islands for 40 years, name Joan both of them received apartments

At one moment our escort ask us to stop and with an expression of sadness stated and pointed at an apartment and said “you see these  apartment  they promised Helen who is  desperately in need of an apartment and then all of a sudden they told her that she is no longer on the list .” We ask who is Helen and why would they deny her a house?  The escort responded by pointing to a two bedroom apartment and said “well Helen Titom is not the young lady living in that apartment or else Reggie would give her the apartment.”

We wanted to know who that young lady is and what about her that people in the community felt that she received preferential treatment over Helen Titom.  We were told that this particular young lady once lived in the Picard area and that Reginald Austrie allegedly spent a lot of time visiting her at her apartment in Picard and allegedly at odd times too.

All throughout the tour our escort kept saying that we may have come by at the wrong time and insist that we should come back when school is reopened so that we get a chance to see everyone living at the Cotton Hill apartments, adults and children. We kept pushing our escort to be more specific and why we need to see the children as well but the escort kept telling us we need to talk to people in the Picard area and an older gentleman from Roseau for more specific information.

We left the Cotton Hill apartment complex with details of the many injustices that took place in the distribution of some of the Cotton Hill apartments. We must say though that on the account of the escort some of the people at the Cotton Hill are truly deserving of an apartment. We were told that Alison who lives in the United States for more than 30 years may have received an apartment because she is forever connected to Reggie as a friend. We got the feeling that this woman Joan who lives in St Thomas should in no way receive an apartment and that the people of the constituency are very upset yet they are too afraid to say so.

On our way back to Roseau my partner and I thought about the ways in which we could find out the criteria used for assigning the Cotton Hill apartments. We thought maybe we could email Simeon Albert or Daryl Titre and ask them to pose the question to Reginald Austrie the next time he calls their program but it occurred to us that Simeone Albert himself received government housing in La Plain – a man who once owned his own house but the bank took the house and now he has to depend on government to shelter him from the rain. Daryl Titre had to seek refuge in Ceil Joseph’s basement until he paid back his $8000 scam job on a retired citizen. Daryl allegedly promised the senior citizen that like a Bounty Hunter he could track down an absconding building contractor for a fee of $8000 but Daryl himself could not deliver on his Bounty Hunting promise, lied about Pelham and could not refund the $8000. In an attempt to save Daryl from another embarrassment Cecil Joseph allegedly gave him rent free access to his basement until Daryl repay his $8000 debt.

With Dayl Titre or Simeon Albert having serious integrity issues we figure it might be more fitting that Reginald Austrie’s family question him on the criteria for handing out some of the apartments in Cotton Hill. His family should ask him what formula he used to assign some of the apartments. Did he use differentiation, integration or just separate multiplication?  Did Reggie make his decisions based upon his instinct as a Politian and Father or could it be that he handed out apartments based on his guilty conscience as a dishonorable politician? 

In all fairness to Reggie not all of the apartments were handed out on Reggie's recommendation. PM Skerrit definitely had his own input list  but one thing that we have known for many years is that Reggie has been using the promise of government housing as his honey trap.  

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