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                       Jaguar F Type - $$$$$$$$$

If Roosevelt Skerrit, Cecil Joseph and the Manicou Gang of the police force had only left Mystelics and Jowanza do their jobs the hornets’ nest would have been left undisturbed. We most likely would not have found out that Cecil Joseph had been helping to facilitate the PM's extra marital activities nor would we be disclosing so quickly that the PM's concubine mistress is driving a $300,000 Jaguar F-Type motorcar in Barbados and is also about to build some villas in   Dominica.

                      Cecil Joseph @ the Police Headquarters

As it is often said – it is the cover that gets you. Cecil Joseph had every reason to be all over the police headquarters while Jowanza and Mystelics were kidnapped by the Manicou Gang. The harassment started the day before the arrest. The gentlemen who were doing a private job in Morne Daniel when they randomly ran into Cecil Joseph who was at the time coming from a secret house near the PM’s mansion in Morne Daniel. The following day the gentlemen returned to the Morne Daniel area to continue their work and to their surprise they met one of the PM’s concubines entering the very same secret house where Cecil Joseph was found. In a brief engagement with the young lady, she indicated that she was just there to get some rest.

At that point, the drone flying around had become a serious threat to  exposing the suspected vices taking place at that secret house aka Stabbing House. On the instruction of PM Skerrit and Cecil Joseph, the Manicou Gang was called to take aggressive action against the drone operators, Mystelics and Jowanza.

Hopefully, Molly The Donkey, Melissa Skerrit, will ask her husband, PM Skerrit, what is going on at that secret house near their mansion in Morne Daniel. She may even want to ask acting police commissioner Corbette what’s up with his cousin coming to take a rest at that secret house mere 400 yards away.

As far as Cecil Joseph is concerned, we would be shocked if he either owned or is able to pay the rent for the secret house. At this point, we do not know the owner of the house and or who is paying the rent for the PM’s concubine mistress to come “rest” on that hot sunny day!  

The Jaguar F1 Type  and the upcoming Villas.

In our previous release, we asked that if there are any concerns about Espionage and National Security breaches, Ag. Commissioner of Police Corbette together with an Aviollere police officer and the rest of the Manicou Gang, should turn their attention to PM Skerrit’s concubine mistress aka “My Princess”- that special mistress that the PM can’t seem to shake off; the one who has a cache of incriminating evidence on  Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Dominica’s Offshore Treasury Director Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management in Dubai.  

We always anticipate the cover-ups , the spins and contortion of facts by the apologists of Roosevelt Skerrit and his criminal operation and so we come with the evidence.

We have in our possession emails sent by someone posing under the name Toni Veiziss and by the work of our skilled investigators we now know that the person posing as Toni  Veiziss and using the email is actually the PM’s concubine mistress.

From emails intercepted, we are aware that on April 16 2019, the young lady already had an extortion plan ready for execution. She ordered someone using the name Tigarcon La Pwet to send an email to Anthony Haiden of MMCE at 2 AM that morning. That email would contained incriminating evidence against Roosevelt Skerrit and Anthony Haiden. Using the email, she would then at 2:10 AM, send a separate draft email that would have been sent to Anthony Haiden with the same information. 

Check out the sequence of communication

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 8:48 PM TiGarcon La <> wrote:


 As agreed earlier today, please forward the chat history as follows:

1.            Chat convo re Morne Daniel Property

2.            Chat convo re purchases for Mandra and Melissa

3.            Chat convo re purchases for RS

4.            Chat convo re organizing for Thai babe to meet in Dubai including passport and   visa documents. Also, I was shown a photo with the DA and Thai couple. Please forward.

5.            Chat convo re investments in Dubai

 They  would do for now in order for me to be able to move forward.


Ti Garcon

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 9:02 PM toni veiziss <> wrote:

 Give me a couple hours.

 kind regards


 On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 9:06 PM TiGarcon La <> wrote:

 I will stay up. I need urgently as I need to get back to the guys in Europe and the Middle East...

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 9:08 PM toni veiziss <> wrote:


On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 11:48 PM toni veiziss <> wrote:


Please vet the following email, if and only if you are comfortable please send it to Haiden at 2am our time. If you are not comfortable please respond by stating your concerns. Please note that the third party is in the horse's mouth and guiding us in the right direction to ensure our outcome .  We are going to send the photos for Haiden's eyes only from another email at 2:10am, it will appear as though it came from you. What we will attach in the email to Haiden will show discussion about the land and one that shows PM interfering with young girls.

At that point note that Ti Garcon seem to be concerned of a plan to extort Anthony Haiden and appeared to be uncomfortable with the plan so he responded the following day Wednesday April 17.

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 5:16 AM TiGarcon LaPwet <> wrote:

I will discuss with my attorney. I would rather that no email is sent to anyone that appears to be coming from me. Are you sending the chats as agreed?

The PM’s Mistress (alias Toni Veizss) seemed a bit agitated and responded:

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 5:30 AM toni veiziss <> wrote:

 What do you mean by attorney (non-disclosure) ? We have no problem with that but the third party wants to send the pictures directly, however it must not appear as though it is coming from two persons. Did you vet the draft ?

We understand that the mistress felt that based on evidence and information in her possession, US$10 million would be a drop in the bucket for Skerrit and Anthony Haiden- if it means protecting their alleged money laundering activities.

 Now that we know that PM’s Concubine mistress had an elaborate plan to extort  Dominica’s highest officials ,that is PM Roosevelt Skerrit and Offshore Treasury director Anthony Haiden of MMCE, the question remains whether or not the concubine mistress got the money she wanted.

We don’t have a direct answer to the question. However, through our vigorous investigations, we do have a few facts to present. We are aware that the young lady in question is now based in Barbados. It is less than two years since the young lady graduated from Law School and having been called to the Bar to practice Law and with no record of a successful business or a successful law practice, she was able to order and import a brand-new Burgundy Colored Jaguar F-Type into Barbados. Please note that the starting price of a Jaguar F-Type is at US$61,000- 80,000. With import duty in Barbados of 45 %, VAT 17% plus Bd $4000 environmental fee, and the importer’s markup this car could carry a price tag of Bd $250,000-300,000. 

 Skerrit calls her his princess , a title she loves. We should not  discount the  designer clothing , designer sun glasses , expensive champagnes. We were informed that director of the offshore treasury in Dubai is sometimes tasked with buying two of the same designer products –One for Molly The Donkey and the other for the visiting Princess.  

Identical designer sunglasses anyone notice? ??????

Don’t go away - there is more!!!

We can also confirm that the concubine mistress is advancing plans to build some expensive Villas somewhere in the south of the island and the alleged financier is none other than the Prime Minister of Dominica. Take that to the Bank, store or creditor.

We await the spin doctors Anthony Astaphan, Clarence Christian, Damian Dublin, Parry “Enitil Bellot. In the mean time Dominicans MiTC can inform you, Ma Boyde Kitchen can assure you, radio talk shows can EXCITE you but only you can rid yourself of this criminal enterprise directed by Roosevelt Skerrit, Anthony Haiden and company.  


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