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Conventional wisdom teaches that heightened abuse, corruption and extrajudicial killings among police organizations are symptomatic of totalitarian and authoritarians regimes. The lackadaisical reaction of the Dominica police in investigating the death of 36 year old Kerwin Prospere is yet another example of a government and minister of National Security having no moral or even political will to take charge of the corrupt hierarchy and the vicious Maniku Gang within the Dominica police organization.

We have no doubt that the deafening silence and delayed investigation into the death of Kerwin Prospere on February 15 2021 is simply because it was yet another matter involving the “deprivation of life without full legal and judicial process with the tolerance of or acquiescence of corrupt politicians and their yes men within the police force. In other words extrajudicial killing at the hands of the Dominica Police force.

According to the acting police commissioner the investigation has been assigned to CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS).While we respect the decision to do so we are also very leery of the justice system in Dominica and so we find it necessary to declare the findings of our own investigation.  

An unadulterated investigation should conclude that on February 15 2021 about 20 police officers boarded a Pickup Truck and a bus just to go arrest Kerwin Prospere on suspicion of burglary. The young man was peacefully arrested and brought to the Police Headquarters. While in custody 7 police officers for whatever reason took Kerwin out to a location near a fuel tank on the compound and it was there he received a ferocious beating.

The beating stopped when the police officers realized that Kerwin was motionless and unresponsive. At that point they decided to go to the fire and ambulance station next door to ask for an ambulance.

We also expect the investigation to show an interview and account of the fire and ambulance operators who came and rightfully so refuse to touch the young man because they realized that this was a crime scene. The young man was motionless and was bleeding profusely from the eyes and nose. It is alleged that an autopsy conducted also shows severely punctured lungs.

With the decision taken by the fire and ambulatory service the police then placed the body in a pickup and drove to the hospital where it is alleged that they made demands for on the spot X-rays but alas the young had already been dead.

At this point it is also important to note that there are several cameras located on the buildings at the police headquarters and from our investigation there are cameras directed at the fuel tank location, where the young man was beaten to a pulp. We hope that the crooked hierarchy within the police force and the minister of national security provide the external investigators with the CCTV data for February 15, 2021.

The role of police organization in any society is to serve and protect citizens. Under the umbrella of serving and protecting every citizen the police also has the responsibility and duty to prevent and detect crimes; the arrest of criminal offenders ; the maintenance and enforcement of law and order; the protection of life and property-- not destruction of lives and property.

The manner in which the Dominica Police organization has been carrying out their responsibility over the last 18 years has increasingly become an area of prime concern. Notwithstanding the harassment and persecution of government opposition, in 2019 we exposed evidence of police cover in yet another extrajudicial killing. One that involved the murder of 40 year old Dillan Jacobs from the island of St Vincent. Not only did we present solid proof  that a gun was planted on the victim to make it look like the police was in danger, we also reported that the then police commissioner Daniel Carbon in a heated discussion had asked Inspector Clinton Hilaire who was involved in the shooting to explain the photo evidence of the planted gun at the scene. In exasperation Clinton Hilaire blurted out that “Superintendent Joseph Williams had given him the instructions to plant the gun on the body of the victim. Both Clinton Hiliare and Superintendent Joseph Williams are well known members of the Maniku Gang and are yet to be discipline let alone charged for murder or manslaughter.

The Top Photo show no gun on Dillan - The Bottom photo show a gun that was planted by Clinton Hiliare and Superintendent Joseph Williams . 

Shirt Down Gun Planted -follow arrow

In another extrajudicial killing matter, Joshua Etienne of Picard Portsmouth was arrested on the evening of August 4 2014 for possession of ammunition. The following morning Joshua’s body was found severely battered and lifeless in the cell at the police station.

With a Dominica police force controlled by a gang of political mercenaries acting as rogues, prosecutor, judge and executioner there is no need adopt platitudes recommending the retraining of police officers in areas of ethics, respect for the rule of law , service to state not politicians etc. In order to restore faith in the Dominica police organization the leadership within the police force, Corbette, Valerie, Valentine and the rest of the political mercenaries and Maniku Gang must be dismantled and discarded but it would be hypocritical to pretend that the cleansing of the police force is remotely possible with a the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit administration still in office.

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