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The election treating matter brought against defendants Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, elected and former elected members of the Dominica Labor Party (DLP) is now riding upon   an alleged Quid Pro Quo. Sources with inside knowledge have informed us that there is an agreement in place for Candia Carrette George to become the next Director Of Prosecution (DPP) however she has to commit to terminate the election treating matter that is now before the court. We understand that she has already made such commitment.

Can we honestly say that we are surprise by Candia’s conduct? We know for sure that she is in hock to the Skerrit DLP administration.

The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.” Candia Carrette George who only has a law degree but not a license to practice law chose to hitch her wagon to politicians instead of pursuing that legal practice certificate at the Hugh Wooding Law School. Now Candia is not just beholden to the unscrupulous DLP politicians, she has also become marionette to douche bags like Anthony Astaphan and Lennox Lawrence. Candia will also have to panda to a parking ticket paralegal and DLP flunky attorney general Levi Peter who himself does not have a license to practice law but was installed as the attorney general.  

Integrity is choosing your thoughts and action based on values and not personal gain. As a professed Christian and wife of preacher I sincerely hope that Candia Carrette George is familiar with Proverbs 10:9 – A man /woman with integrity walk safely but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall. “ 

Candia and others who have sold their souls to evil politicians should take a look at the recent case of lay minister Mendes and the problem that he now faces. Mendes sacrificed his Christian values to say yes to the edicts of a selfish and viscously dirty politician in Rayburn Blackmore and he may be looking at time in prison for racketeering at the Labor Division.

According to French economist Frederic Bastiat, when plunder and racketeering becomes a way of life for politicians, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes racketeering and corruption and a moral code that glorifies it. In Dominica, the willing facilitators ("Sutiwens) to this plundering system are often the Sunday morning peacocks- some preaching sermons , some giving out the body of Christ and offering spiritual counseling-people like Candia Carrette George , Mendes, Steve Ferrol , Renneth Bubbles Alexis, Eddie Lambert, police inspector Davidson Valerie  just to name a few.

Once you go down that road of making self-compromising deals in the interest of self-absorption, rectitude, empathy and compassion goes out the window and you even become the path of least resistance for lawbreakers -hooligans and mobsters too.

Not only did  Candia Carrette George pledge to dismissed the election treating matter in favor of her political masters, it is alleged that her husband Pastor Edhi George is already leveraging his wife’s upcoming DPP position to get a member of his congregation out of a severe jamb. It has been reported that Pastor Ehdi George pressured a rape victim within his flock to accept a payoff from her assailant who happens to be a prominent member of his church as well. According to our sources pastor Ehdi George allegedly told the victim that accepting the money would be the best option for if the matter comes before his wife as the coming DPP the matter will be DOA –Dead on Arrival.

It is important to note that the  likes of Pastor Ehdi George, ,his wife Candia Carrette George , Renneth Alexis et al were the very same people who wanted to crucify the government spiritual advisor, Pastor BJ- Bernard Joseph for his sexual indiscretions and alleged participation in multiple abortions while he lead their congregation.

Spiritual advisor to the cabinet Pastor Pastor BJ may want to go ask pastor Edhi George and his wife Candia – why the hypocrisy. Pun intended 

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