Monday, March 29, 2021



There is no honor among thieves but at least there should be  respect for another man’s wife among colluding racketeers, especially  loyal supporters of the political party. What about the basic principle of " Don't Sh*t where you eat?

MiTC is following the story involving the arrest of civil servant(s) who were allegedly involved in another set of racketeering at the labor division. Our very reliable sources have revealed that the racketeering involve moneys collected from Haitian immigrants.

From the onset there seem to be some shenanigans involving the police , politicians and the investigation. We want the politicians and the police to know that MiTC has the goods, we know a lot.

What we can declare at this point is that there is much more than just Haitian money involved but also marital infidelity and yet another case of a politician messing with another man’s wife. Our information reveal that upon finding out that the politician was having an affair with another man’s wife the aggrieved husband started acting up in ways that could severely blow up the inner working of the Haitian money racketeering operation.  

There is much more that we can reveal at this point but we want to  observe the police and the direction of the investigation.

Will there be other arrest to include another gentleman from Vielle Case?  

Will the police allow the chips to fall wherever it may?

Did the police move on the directions of the politician who had been sleeping with another man's wife?

We hope that this time around it won’t be just another statement from PM Skerrit to  fix the racketeering at the Labor Division. If there is going to be another ”Fix It” statement hopefully it won’t just be relate to the Labor Division but also to a marital relationship that was extremely important to the secrecy surrounding  the Haitian money racketeering scheme.  

Stay Tuned

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