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Corruption has become so normalized in Dominica that it is no longer distressing when the ruling politicians are caught in the revolving door of Wire fraud, money laundering nepotism, kickbacks and conflicts of interest.

 A few weeks ago we reported on a racketeering scandal involving the Minister of security and of Baby Sarah’s infamy, Rayburn Blackmore. Our investigation uncovered an illegal visa selling operation involving Rayburn Blackmore and a gentleman from Vielle Case name Ronald who is allegedly the half-brother of PM Skerrit. Rayburn Blackmore who was at the time responsible for approving and signing visa applications for Haitian nationals , together with Ronald had been collecting on average US $3000 from the unsuspecting visa applicants- a fee not only illegal but separate from the fee legally required by the government for the processing of the Haitian visas. If the police and the FSU are serious about investigating financial crimes involving Rayburn Blackmore and frankly other government officials, we dare the police to pick up Ronald from Vielle Case and we guarantee that he will sing like a cannery.

 Since our expose we can report that Rayburn Blackmore is no longer responsible for Haitian visa approval and signing. That responsibility is now under the control of Minister Miriam Blanchard. Our sources have revealed that Blackmore is very unhappy and has said to friends that “ Skerrit makes all his money and does not want he Blackmore to make his money

Further details regarding the Haitian visa racketeering indicate that a gentleman at the FSU named Lestrade is allegedly tied to this visa scandal and that a Permanent Secretary name Commodore may also be under investigation but according to people close to the administration this investigation is DOA- a la the Choksi, GON Emmanuel or Kernisha investigations.

Interestingly several government officials are in Trinidad for the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force CRAFT. We understand that the same Lestrad (Flashy Claudy)gentleman from the FSU is in attendance. Our counterparts from Barbados also told us that the attorney General Levi Peter who they deem unfit for the position and a senior police officer name Carbon is also in attendance. We were also informed that Dominica’s ongoing CBI money laundering activities will be at center stage during the CRAFT conference.

Lets see if the government officials will provide the people with an accurate  report on their trip to Trinidad.

MiTC- Is holding back on an expose involving Flashy Claudius Lestrad from FSU. Tik  Tik Tok  

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