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Last week we reported on a recent incident in the UK whereby two individuals with terrorist connections had been deported from the UK but were able to acquire Dominica passports to return to the UK.  We can also report on another recent incident, this time involving one Russian individual who had been detained in the UK and upon an executed search warrant was found to have been carrying three Dominican passports. According to our very reliable sources in the UK’s immigration system that Russian individual reported to the Dominican authorities that his original passport was lost. He paid $US3000 for a new passport but then 3 months after that the same individual again reported that his passport was either lost or stolen. He paid another $3000 for another replacement passport.  Clear racketeering within the Dominica Immigration system and the passport custodians should be investigated but alas “who goin” order this investigation- Blackmore, Skerrit, Police Commissioner Carbon, Corbette ????  Naf Ta Noon Tone   

 A few years ago, we reported on a matter involving a Chinese businessman who carried two Dominican passports. The gentleman using the name  Shujun Tony Lui allegedly utilized Dominica passport # 081755 . The gentleman also uses the name Jason Lui Shujun and allegedly carries another Dominica passport $# 081755. How on earth one man with the same fingerprint get two different Dominica passports? Greed and corruption

Enough Is Never Enough

After the NG Lap Seng scandal, the government of Dominica promised that their passport peddling program would be supported by a robust and most reliable candidate vetting program. The same promise was made after the the Alireza Monfared and the Alisson Madeuke  scandal. On several occasions when either the EU, UK or the US voice concerns about the threat posed by the reckless passport vending program PM Skerrit promised a due diligence program of the highest integrity and efficiency.

By now everyone knows that Skerrit’s word is as reliable as a single ply of toilet paper, he is highly incompetent (According to Trinidadian Anil Roberts-The Star Boy of Stupidity) and so severely compromised that even if he genuinely wants to clean up the bad actors within the CBI program, he has no moral authority to do so. For example, Skerrit could not fire the former director of the CBI program Emmanuel Nanthan for Nanthan’s blatant money laundering activities and as Prime Minister he is yet to make a statement on his minister’s shop lifting incident.

If for example Anthony Haiden of MMC is found guilty of selling passports to Russians, Iranians or war lords in Iraq and Afghanistan, can PM Skerrit terminate Anthony Haiden’s CBI /passport selling privileges? It is no secret that Skerrit’s compromising engagements with Anthony Haiden has made him weak and essentially a lapdog to MMC Anthony Haiden.  

It is said that “if power corrupts, weakness in the seat of power, with its constant necessity for more and more (enviege) necessitates deals and bribes with compromising engagements and corrupts even more.

PM Skerrit you are way too deep into this CBI cesspool - Another promise to bring integrity to the CBI program is simply Pawol en Bouche- No truthful value. 

September To Remember

PS - Can someone please ask Skerrit who is Vergie Strasser. Inquiring minds want to know why the name is associated with a Skerrit's account. Somebody, Anybody



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