Thursday, July 20, 2023



The emergency visa restrictions on Dominicans wishing to travel to the UK should not only be of great concern to all Dominicans, but the people should also be demanding answers from the military dictatorship lead by Roosevelt Skerrit .  But then again governments are accountable to the people, military dictatorships aren’t and as always, the people will be bullied into silent suffering- anyone who dare question the integrity of the CBI passport selling program will be labeled as promoters of our dirty laundry and destroyers of Dominica.

Never do the apologist blame those who for personal benefits are recklessly selling our passports to unscrupulous characters all over the world. It is because of Dominica’s reckless and highly ill-reputed CBI program that the British government was forced to take emergency action. Information reaching us indicates that two individuals with known terrorist connections had been deported from the UK but were able to get back into the UK  after they casually acquired Dominican passports.

How did these two individuals get through the due diligence vetting system is simple- there is no proper due diligence system when greed takes precedent. Vendors of passports are willing to sell passports to all and sundry and come September the people of Dominica and the international community will receive a report on the hideous nature of Dominica’s CBI program and the players therein. So hideous and dangerous that the US and the EU may be forced to impose drastic or even emergency travel restrictions for Dominican citizens all over the world.

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