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Mitsubishi Outlander

In a DNO article August 14, 2023, the title reads “PM extends condolences to family of victim in fatal road accident involving his son.” The PM’s son Malik , who was driving Mitsubishi Outlander collided with a motorcyclist who succumb to his injuries at Dominica's main hospital. (Don’t worry DNO we are not chastising you this time.) What we are interested in is one particular comment on the DNO article from a reader with the handle I want to know” (IWK)

Here is what the person IWK wrote regarding the fatal accident involving PM Skerrit’s son, Malik Skerrit.

DNO you need to bring this up again and put it on the front burner because I have never heard of an accident that resulted in a death and what we have as police gave that kind of report. Note people:

1. What was the registration number of Mitsubishi Outlander that Malik Skerrit was driving? Why was it left out? Was it a GA or private vehicle? Who moved the tag and where is it now?

2. What is the registration number of the motorcycle the deceased was riding? Why is this important information kept from us? Did they choose to keep it from us since they didn’t tell us the registration of the Mitsubishi Malik Skerrit was driving?

This is very fishy, and we need to know the truth because there is something the police hiding from us. Was a GA on a ……….”

 We too found the actions of the police very “fishy and we were hoping that the reader IWK may have had some very interesting information regarding that vehicle that Malik was driving at the time of the accident.

We are going to ask the Prime Minister and anyone else Mandra Fagan included,to tell the people of Dominica whether or not the vehicle that Malik was driving around like he owns it was the very same Mitsubishi Outlander that landed in Dominica together with the Jeep Wrangler in 2021 when the people of Dominica were “gwayaying” for relief. The PM may want to come clean else ……

It was MiTC who first broke the story and presented all the forged documents regarding the infamous Jeep Wrangler and that Mitsubishi Outlander that was designated as gifts for the PM and Mandra Fagan respectively.

From the comment on the DNO article IWK wanted to know why the police was so evasive with the information regarding the vehicle Malik was driving and why the police rush to cover-up the identity of the vehicle. Well, IDK what we can tell you is that you will soon find out that the Mitsubishi and the Jeep Wrangler were both purchased with your passport money- proceeds of a passport transaction. You can cash that at the bank.

So, when the police rush to cover up the Mitsubishi Outlander could it have been because they didn’t want the people of Dominica to realize that what King Dice said in his song Chi Chi Bang Bang had not just come full circle, but it resulted in the death of a young man? 

In Dice’s song there is a line that says “Mwen ca Bat yo epir l’argent yo. –For the Marigot and Wesley Nega and them it means “I will bit them with their own money. 

It is common knowledge that the PM and his kleptocratic enterprise have used the CBI money to hammer down the people into poverty, mendicancy and intimidation. If the Mitsubishi Outlander involved in the accident is the same vehicle that was purchased with CBI money and then craftily designated as a gift to Mandra Fagan then we can replace “bat yo epir l’argent yo” with Tuez Yo epir l’argent yo”- Kill then with their own money.” 

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