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At last week’s media briefing there appear to be a bit of a sparring between Police commissioner Daniel Carbon and National Security Minister Rayburne Blackmore of Baby Sarah infamy. On the matter regarding the St Joseph Police Station robbery, commissioner Carbon expressed disappointment in the lack of human resources at out district police stations and Blackmore discretely disagreed claiming that the police force has adequate manpower at the various stations.

Carbon talked about working as a constable in the Grandbay district many years ago. He stated that while stationed in Grandbay there were over 15 police officers working together with him at the same precinct and today he lamented that the police force he now leads can only afford 6 officers at the same precinct.

Daniel Carbon, the man that he once was would be forthright and upstanding – a no nonsense guy. So, were the utterances by Carbon at last week’s press briefing merely a Freudian slip or the return of the old no nonsense tendency that he once possessed?

One theory is that he is just a few months away from his retirement and might be trying to find his conscience or spine.

What Daniel Carbon was alluding to is the dilemma of having 47 police officers strictly and exclusively assigned to the PM Prime Minister and an investigation and possible prosecution of the two police officers for the St Joseph police station robbery. According to a very credible sources within the police department who stated “Just imagine they have 47 police officers assigned to guard the PM, his children, his dogs and his ill-gotten mansions. Now they want to point at fellow police officers for the corruption in the police force. “The source further added that many police officers including chief Daniel Carbon are upset with the political manipulation of the police department.

The righteous indignation within the police force over the abuse of the manpower resources to meet the insecurities of the tin pan mini-dictator and Star Boy Of Stupidity is understandable, but it is ALWAYS inappropriate and frankly criminal for the police themselves to obstruct any criminal investigation in spite of rampant selective justice within the police force.

For Future Consideration

MiTC has two questions to PM Skerrit, and we sincerely wish that at least one media person in Dominica would “balls-up” and ask the PM.

Sir have you had in any kind of business transaction(s) with the accused killer Jonathan Scott Lehrer?

Also, Sir have you directed several “official visitors” to meet and stay only at Jonathan Lehrer’s place in the Soufriere area?  

In the words the famous Q95 caller Blue Blue – “Inquiring minds want to know.

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