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Going around on social media is a leaked memorandum from the office of the hospital medical director to the hospital medical board of directors; the memorandum states “ I regret to inform that due to significantly diminished supplies of pethidine as well as spinal needles elective surgical list will have to be temporarily suspended effective January 15 2024.” The memorandum continued with clear indications that healthcare rationing is imminent but for those of us who are not pretending to be asleep the failing healthcare system like the deteriorated economy, devastating level of unemployment, widespread poverty, rampant corruption, dysfunctional public services and institutions and human rights violations are all indicative of a failed state.

 Atop the healthcare rationing system we are also aware of the fact that the justice system “cyan even afford to pay attention let alone a post office stamp” in spite of spending more than $10 million dollars on senior counsels from Trinidad just to persecute opposition politicians from the United Workers Party.

 MiTC have been in contact with sources close to the Canada’s embassy and we can confirm that the cash strap government of Dominica has asked the Canadian authorities to provide them with about Canadian $1.8 Million to move forward with the murder case against American Jonathan Scott and Robert Snyder Jr. Both men are accused of murdering Canadian Citizens Daniel Langlois and his partner Dominique Marchand. According to our sources the Dominican authority on legal affairs told the Canadians that the $1.8 million is need to hire senior counsels from Trinidad to prosecute the case.

 We also understand that the Canadian authorities were very much disturbed by the request coming from the government of Dominica. According to one source, “ to the Canadians  it came across as extortion.” But it was even more disturbing to the Canadians when it was clear to them that the Americans Jonathan Scott and Robert Snyder Jr. are receiving preferential treatment at the state prison. MiTC was informed that  Missi Henderson allegedly ordered the state prison officials to allow unsupervised visits to the prison inmates Jonathan Scott and Robert Snyder. According to a source close to the state prison , “friends, associates and family members of the inmates are just allowed to come up to the state prison, walk in and meet with the inmates All on the order of Missi Henderson. We are smart enough to know on whose behalf Missi Henderson is working.  

 No Money for Legal Representation in the Choksi Law Suit

It is public knowledge that kidnapped victim Mehul Choksi has filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the government of Dominica. MiTC can also report that some of the people named in this Mehul Choksi lawsuit are very much concerned the government of Dominica is unable to provide them with quality legal representation. The lawsuit named the following: DPP Sherma Dalrymple , the attorney general office, police officer Maximea and Lincoln Corbette.

 We are not allowed to reveal much information regarding the pending lawsuit however we want to put this question out in the public. Why was “Subsection” Lennox Lawrence not presented as the attorney general in the lawsuit. We believe he was the acting attorney general during the Choksi kidnapping operation.

To Subsection Lennox Lawrence and the crooked government of Dominica – MiTC know exactly why that is so and we will at some point reveal all of the shenanigans, the corruption and the usual pay for play plague within this crime syndicate of the Skerrit Labor Party administration.








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